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Toy Review: Tantus Slick

I received the small and large slick by Tantus in exchange for an honest unbiased review. 

Tantus Slick



  • Dual Density Silicone (Feels real)
  • Solid inner code with soft outer silicone layer
  • Strap on compatible
  • G-spot curve / P-spot curve
  • 2 size options
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suction cup compatible
  • No vibration

This was my first experience with a non vibrating dong…

And I think I’ve fallen in love.

Dual density silicone is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Tantus’ silicone is second to none to begin with. The invention of dual density silicone solves an important problem, people who choose porous jelly over silicone because of the squishy aspect of it. Before I knew much about sex toys, and Tantus, I couldn’t believe that dual density silicone was real silicone. Lucky it is, and I am grateful for such luxurious body friendly options. I got spoiled my this product, it’s hard to imagine going back to vibrating toys, as well as to any non dual density silicone.


It turns out I love both of these, small and large. They are both curved with a pronounced “head” that adds sensation.

The Tantus Slick quickly became one of my favourite toys for internal stimulation, if not my absolute favourite. It has definitely become my go-to toy.

No matter how well you get to know your body there is always something new to try out, this toy review is a prime example of how I was pretty sure I needed internal vibration to orgasm, and was proved wrong. I did use clitoral stimulation to increase the sensitivity of my g-spot (recommended for anyone who wants a g-spot orgasm). I squirted which is something I have never done on my own before.


The Tantus Slick small is great for anyone who prefers thinner shorter dongs, that penetrate the g-spot area. It feels just as good as the large version, the only difference being the large provides a feeling of fullness that many people enjoy.

The Tantus raised letters on each Tantus Slick made it easy to make sure the curve of the Slick was hitting the right spots.

Last but not least the Dual Density silicone provides a semi solid core (so it isnt limp) with a soft outer silicone layer. This is an amazing feature of this toy.


There are many ways to clean Tantus toys:

  • Boil them to clean and sanitize
  • Use hypoallergenic soap and water and rinse
  • Use toy cleaner
  • Place in dishwasher (I don’t recommend this as dish washers tend to hold bacteria)
  • You can bleach it, but you don’t need to.

Wrap Up:

This toy is perfect for anyone who is trying out a dong for the first time, or is moving from a jelly toy to a body safe option. The squishyness is excellent and if your used to Jelly you will absolutely love this. No smells, super easy to clean and feels amazing beyond belief.

If you like the feeling of fullness go with the large slick. I personally enjoyed “warming up” with the small slick, and then going for the larger one. As a woman gets turned on her vaginal muscles relax, that is why at first some toys seem like a challenge and later on are no big deal. Both these sizes provided intense g-spot stimulation.

For Anal use:

I recommend starting off with the small slick, It has a great shape for prostate stimulation. It is great for use with a strap on, and the dual density silicone provides amazing sensation


Material: 10/10
Stimulation 8.9/10 (It wasn’t a crazy amount of curves or bumps, but dual density is amazing)

If I could have added anything to this toy I would add a suction cup, But there are always other Tantus products that have that.

Self Discover,
Whimsy Fai. <3

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