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Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

I received three toy’s from Satisfyer in exchange for an honest fair review. I have decided to write about the Satisyer Pro 4 couples first.

Satisfyer gorgeous range of toy’s

Satisfier Pro 4 Couples

Pros & Cons


  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Gorgeous Design
  • Unique Suction technology
  • Various Strong Vibration Settings
  • Quiet Suction setting when on body
  • Rechargable using magnetic charger
  • Removable suction tip


  • Point at end of toy uncomfortable internally
  • Shape not adjustable and does not work for all cis female bodies
  • I couldn’t properly use it due to the fit and shape


Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

Ranked compared to other Satisfyer models: 6th place out of 6.

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I wanted to love this toy. I wanted something me and my partner could use, during either penile penetration or with a strap on or fingers. I decide to try it on my own first, with the plan to use a dildo with it.

I loved the look, sleek, feminine, rose gold accents , completely gorgeous. It looked, completely fuckable. It reminded me of other toys made by companies that specialize in couples sex enhancement. I loved the idea of oral sex stimulation as apposed to just vibration, and why shouldn’t I? Oral sex turns me on much more than vibration ever will.

Satisfyer does an amazing job of reproducing the sensations brought about by oral sex. See my reviews of the Satisfyer Penguin and other Satisfyer products here. I can always expect a good time with their products. I had so much fun with this new line, but this product had a fatal flaw for me.

Fatal flaw:

Every body is different. Not every toy is prepared to adjust to everybody. Unfortunately for me, this toy was angled too lightly to work for my body, which meant when the suction hit my clit, the top hit the farther wall of my vagina. This would of been ok, if it weren’t for the  aesthetic looking slightly pointed tip, which made it very uncomfortable.

Because of these two problems – bringing either a partner or dildo was out of the question. I could manage fingers which could wrap around the thin toy, but moving around was uncomfortable and made this a tedious process.

I wanted to love this toy. The suction, overall is great, and if you have got a vagina that is closer to the clit than I have, it may work for you. I feel like this toy may work for men who like anal stimulation and well as stimulation of the taint. But as I don’t have that situation I can’t tell you first hand.

I recommend you look at other reviews to form your opinion on it before purchasing, every body is different. This toy won two awards, so it must work wonders for some bodies.

This toy didn’t fit my body, and it was not adjustable, so my experience was sub par. Luckily, the experience of the other two products they sent blew my mind.

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