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Toy Review: G-Balls 2

I recieved the G-balls 2 from Fun Toys in exchange for a fair and honest review


It is never easy to review a product that I had a had a poor experience with. I want every product to be good. The sad part about this particular review is that I didn’t get enough time with the product to be able to tell you much about it. The first product I recieved refused to charge, and the second one I got didn’t react properly when pressed (normally by your kegal muscles)

About the Toy:

Material: Silicone/Plastic

Safe Lubricant: Waterbased

Main Function: Kegal Exercise activated Vibration  / Weighted Kegal balls

App Compatible: Yes, can also be used without app

Can be used with partner: Yes, Partner can cause vibrations using app if you are in the same room.

Warranty: One Year

The idea of G-Balls:

This product is epic in theory. When I got the first set they were fully charged and I got a chance to play with them. I used the app to make the bird fly for a certain number of seconds, followed by a rest, and then making the bird fly again. If the battery would of charged I would of been able to review the product, it seemed amazing! I’m sad that it unfortunately didn’t work out that way. The app offered to keep track of my progress and I imagined playing the kegal game every night for fun and having strong enough kegals to lift a surf board. The G-balls do have a one year warranty so if this happens to you, you can let them know. I emailed Fun Toys and they sent me a new set in a week. It is the fastest I’ve ever recieved a product. Unfortunately when it arrived the sides of it wouldn’t react as the last ones did. I even tried it with my hands and it took a rediculous amount of pressure. They were properly weighted and sat well in my body.


These toys came in a plain cardboard box, there was nothing about it that said that it was a sex toy. It came with instruction manuals in the box, as well as a charger and a storage bag.