Toy Review: Doc Johnson Ripply Bubble Butt


I always knew I was a bit nerdy, and despite my enjoyment of chess, I never could of forseen placing an over sized pawn up my bum.

I bought this toy for 3 reasons:

  1. It was 9.99 and I had a budget
  2. It seemed to be the same size as my current toy
  3. It was a safe anal toy (with a flair at the end so the inner sphincter can’t steal it.

This is an anal toy good for an intermediate anal toy user. It doesn’t feature a tapered end or a dent before the flair so it wouldnt be good for a beginner.


  • Safe Anal Toy
  • Squishy material
  • Medium size
  • Made from Jelly (can use any lube on it)
  • Looks like a pawn 😉
  • Great price
  • Bumps add extra sensation, and helps keep plug from falling out.


  • Made from Jelly (porous material)
  • Too large for beginners
  • No taper
  • No dent between flaired end and plug



What makes an anal toy safe:

  • Flaired end or long handle, preventing the inner sphincter from sucking the toy into anal cavity.
  • Made of a material that wont break/doesnt have peices that can come apart.


~Whimsical 😉