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Toy Review: Three Satisfyer’s – Three Experiences


Hello Curious Blog Readers, 

Today I am writing about the Satisfyer brand of clitoral toys. I created a lot of hype in my head for these toys, I remember seeing it for a year on the shelves of the store and dreaming that one day, I may get the chance to try it. The lovely people at Satifyer sent me three models to review for you great people. I probably would of purchased one a long time ago if I would of realized they were being grossly overpriced at the toy shop I worked for and went to the company site instead.


My Experience 

I recieved the Satisfyer series of toys from @satisfyercom in a cardboard box that made me think I was getting a product I ordered on Wish. Good thing I didn’t open it in the post office, it was so discreet even I had no clue.

When I got to my car I opened it and was shocked to find three versions of the Satisfyer. I was really hoping they would send the Satisfyer Pro 2 and they did!

When I got home I got to my testing, after some initial photo’s. I started off with the one I thought would be weakest, the battery operated Satisfyer 2. As I imagined it would be it was too light for me and I found the opening too small to comfortably place on my clitoris.

I moved on to the one I thought might be second best, The Satisfyer Pro Penguin. First I admired its adorable shape. I was a little disappointed that I chose the pink one instead of the black and white one which had a cute little bowtie. I placed this one on my clit on the lowest setting and found it quite pleasant, eventually I got used to it and switched to the highest setting which was really nice but didn’t bring me to the point of “oh yes!”. After a while I decided to switch toys hoping that the Satisfyer Pro 2 would provide the umph I needed to send me over the edge. Unfortunately it didn’t fit comfortably on my body and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I liked the Penguin. I have a basic rule when it comes to the first tests of any review toy and it is that I try it on its own without any additional stimulation.

On second try of the penguin, I tried it on it’s own switching between settings as if to stimulate like oral sex does. It was nice to have the changes in intensity. I got to the point where I found myself really desperate to orgasm, and added in extra toys, after adding a bit of vibration above my clit, I had a really nice orgasm, I am glad to hear that Satisfyer has added a product to their line that also provides vibration. Check out the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration here.

For me, the Satisfyer Pro was a great tease and helped my head to get into the space where I was really turned on and prepared to really enjoy other toys or sex. If I get an evening to enjoy myself this is a great first toy to use to ease myself into the evening, I can even bring it in the tub.

The Products

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.0/5.0 stars

?$74.95 USD / €59.95?


✈️ Vacation Sized ✈️

➕ Eleven Modes ➕

This toy was my favourite model ❤️ The larger clitoral suction area was the most comfortable shape for my body. It was a rounded rectangular shape as apposed to the round shape of the other models, the mouth of the toy was also wider. I would recommend this model to anyone who likes a larger clitoral stimulation and wants stimulation directed over the length of the clitorus, This would also be recommended for anyone on testosterone who may have an enlarged clit. This toy is also great if you’re headed somewhere on an airplane. According to the Canadian airport security rules “Tools” must be shorter than 5” to bring on board, this one just makes the cut at 4.75” but I still recommend you have some postage on you just incase. It is such a cute toy as well.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.0/5.0 Stars

?$74.95 USD / €59.95?


➕ Additional heads available➕

➕ Eleven Speeds ➕

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was the strongest option, and it was the one I was most excited about, it came in at second place for me because it’s head was a bit too small to find the comfortable position for me. I really wanted this to be the right toy for me but in the end the Penguin had it beat! The good part about if you buy this toy and it isn’t right for you is there are many other heads available for you to try with it! The interchangeable silicone heads made cleaning easy.

The Satisfyer 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3.0/5.0

? $49.95 USD / €39.95 ?

⚡️Requires 2 AAA Batteries ⚡️

➕ 11 Suction Settings➕

My favourite thing about battery operated toys is that you don’t have to remember to charge them. This toy kept things very simple. It wasn’t overly strong for all you sensitive people, in the same sense it didn’t have the intensity of the rechargeable models. If you need intensity I recommend the Satisfyer Pro Penguin or the Satisfyer Pro 2.

All include:

?365 Day money back guarantee?

? 10 Year Warranty ?

✈️ Free Shipping over $49.99 USD ✈️

? Great Prices ?

? Discreet Packaging ?

? Waterproof ?

☑️ Silicone and ABS plastic ☑️


✅ Clean toy with Antibacterial scent-free soap

✅ Use water based lubricant

? Don’t use silicone based lubricant

? Not for internal use.

 ? Only the Satisfyer Pro 2 has a removable silicone tip


The Satisfyer models were a huge step up from any “Oral-Clitoral stimulation” toy I have tried. It had patterns and waves that made sense with my body. It did a good job of doing what I expected, for me oral sex generally provides an intense thought of “oh my gosh fuck me now please” and if you are looking to build up that energy and oral sex does that for you this is the toy. It should be remembered that alot of the female orgasm is brought on by our heads and what we are thinking. If nipple play is your thing, these toys can also be used on any area that you would want a mouth. This toy can help you reach a perfect state of teased, or for those who are more sensitive; it may actually bring on orgasm. My favourite way to use this toy was to tease for a while, then bring other toys into the mix. I am not very sensitive overall and without other toys I couldn’t climax. This toy is great if you are having a hard time getting to the same level as you’re partner, I almost guarantee it’ll be a worthwhile tease, and Satisfyer has a money back guarantee for 365 days!

I have had the opportunity to hold the Womanizer and the Satisfyer and I would personally recommend the Satisfyer by the visual and physical differences.

Thank you to Satisfyer for providing me these models in exchange for an honest review.

Toy Review & Guide: Revive Fabulous Rabbit

This toy was given to me free of charge from Blush novelties for an honest non-bias review.

Versatile, build-your-own-adventure…

Revive Fabulous Rabbit

It’s adorable! And partially discreet.


Pros and Cons:


  • Silicone
  • Rechargable
  • Waterproof
  • Dual Motor
  • Versatile
  • Great Vibration
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • Easy to use
  • 10 Vibration Settings (3 intensitys, 7 pulsation and escalation settings)


  • Vibration stronger on outside of ears
  • Too large for full insertion for some people

This toy has one button, it turns it on, changes the vibration, and when pressed and held turns it off, it has very easy operation. I was first interested in this toy because I recognized how versatile it could be. This is  a great toy for anyone at any stage of their sexual exploration. It can be used as simple or as exploratively as you wish. It has a great vibration to it. If you use it lightly it has a tickly vibration but when placed solidly it has a deep vibration.

The multitude of uses for this toy are:

  • Clitoral
  • Internal
  • Internal and clitoral
  • Internal and anal
  • Anal

Clitoral Stimulation:

Clitorally it can be used in many ways.

  1. Dual Stimulation: The dual motors stimulate the clit fully, firstly its 3 strengths of vibration allow for straight uninterrupted stimulation. Then the next 7 pulsations really do stimulate similar to the way oral sex stimulates. Especially when you place each of the ears on each side of the clit.
  2. Grazing Stimulation: Using the tips of the bunny ears to stimulate the clit provides a strong tickly vibration. It can also be used on other parts of the body as a part of foreplay.
  3. Direct Stimulation: The outer parts of the ears have the strongest vibration, if you just want direct, strong, uninterrupted vibration, similar to that of a bullet, placing it on its side with one ear on top of the other, and using one ear to stimulate makes this easy.

Internal Use:

  1. Going all in: If your feeling adventurous, placing both ears internally, with one resting on the g-spot (belly button side of kitty) and the other laying beneath it, will allow for it to push against the walls and g-spot bringing optimal vibration throughout.
  2. The rabbit: With the power button facing the front of the body, place one ear on the clitoris and the other internally. The best part about this method with this toy is the shape makes it so it hits the g-spot internally. As you move the ear on the clitoris it moves internally as well.
  3. Adventuring south: Not for the more modest or traditional, this method allows for anal stimulation. Place one ear internally and the other on the anal entrance or into the anus. You may have to sacrifice internal vaginal stimulation if you want deeper anal penetration.


  • Well this is straight forward, literally. Slowly ease in one or both ears, but don’t do more than you can handle.

This toy does have a 30 day warranty, so if anything happens, you don’t have to worry.

It’s got a great price and is an amazingly fun toy. Check it out here.

Play on,
~Whimsy <3



When you are first choosing your strap on there are a few things to consider, here are a few:

  1. Get a strap-on that fits you snuggly, one that wont move much, or be so tight it cuts off circulation.
  2. Be aware of what type of dong your strap on is suitable for. Espessially if ordering online.
  3. If buying in store, and buying a dong seperately for your strap-on, ask if you can see if it fits before you leave.
  4. If buying online, buy one that comes with a compatible dong, or buy extra  o-rings (if your strap-on uses this system)


Different strap-ons, and dong types:

For Women:



The classical strap-on uses different sized o-rings to hold dongs that have a base to them. You can buy more o-ring sizes seperately to fit your dong. There are many materials that o-rings, strap-ons and dongs are made out of. Many classical strap-ons use adjustable straps to fit different body sizes, while others are fitted using sizes such as small, medium, and large. When choosing a sized product, try and go for one that is snug to your body.


Vac-U-lock Strap-ons:

These are for use with dongs that dont have a base to them, but are compatible with vac u lock plugs. You can also use vac-u-lock dongs with a classic strap on. But regular strap ons may not fit properly into a vac-u-lock strap on.




These allow both partners to feel pleasure from the strap on experience. The downfall to these is that they can fall out of the vagina during use. If you want to use this, and find this problem is happening, using Kegal exercisers may help you to hold onto your strap on better.

For men:

Hallow strap ons:

Guys can use classical strap-ons if they wish, using a hallow dong.


Double penetration strap-ons:

These strap-ons give men space for there penis so that they can do double penetration. With this system, I strongly suggest using silicone o rings, or a cock ring you presently use in the opening you place your penis in. If you use a metal o-ring and it is too small for your penis to take off with an erection, you can get stuck.


O rings:

These come in different sizes for different dong sizes. You want to use an o ring that fits tightly to your dong.

Rubber, Silicone, and other soft rings:

These make it easier to fit your dong in them. They stretch out so you can manipulate them onto the dong. Over time they will stretch out slightly.


These will not stretch out over time, but make the process of fitting a dong in harder.


Happy Strapping,

Whimsy Fai. <3

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