When you are first choosing your strap on there are a few things to consider, here are a few:

  1. Get a strap-on that fits you snuggly, one that wont move much, or be so tight it cuts off circulation.
  2. Be aware of what type of dong your strap on is suitable for. Espessially if ordering online.
  3. If buying in store, and buying a dong seperately for your strap-on, ask if you can see if it fits before you leave.
  4. If buying online, buy one that comes with a compatible dong, or buy extra  o-rings (if your strap-on uses this system)


Different strap-ons, and dong types:

For Women:



The classical strap-on uses different sized o-rings to hold dongs that have a base to them. You can buy more o-ring sizes seperately to fit your dong. There are many materials that o-rings, strap-ons and dongs are made out of. Many classical strap-ons use adjustable straps to fit different body sizes, while others are fitted using sizes such as small, medium, and large. When choosing a sized product, try and go for one that is snug to your body.


Vac-U-lock Strap-ons:

These are for use with dongs that dont have a base to them, but are compatible with vac u lock plugs. You can also use vac-u-lock dongs with a classic strap on. But regular strap ons may not fit properly into a vac-u-lock strap on.




These allow both partners to feel pleasure from the strap on experience. The downfall to these is that they can fall out of the vagina during use. If you want to use this, and find this problem is happening, using Kegal exercisers may help you to hold onto your strap on better.

For men:

Hallow strap ons:

Guys can use classical strap-ons if they wish, using a hallow dong.


Double penetration strap-ons:

These strap-ons give men space for there penis so that they can do double penetration. With this system, I strongly suggest using silicone o rings, or a cock ring you presently use in the opening you place your penis in. If you use a metal o-ring and it is too small for your penis to take off with an erection, you can get stuck.


O rings:

These come in different sizes for different dong sizes. You want to use an o ring that fits tightly to your dong.

Rubber, Silicone, and other soft rings:

These make it easier to fit your dong in them. They stretch out so you can manipulate them onto the dong. Over time they will stretch out slightly.


These will not stretch out over time, but make the process of fitting a dong in harder.


Happy Strapping,

Whimsy Fai. <3