Safety: First things first. Do not wear a cockring for longer than 30 minutes. Remote after thirty minutes to allow circulation, then after a couple minutes you can put it back on in need be. 

Unless you know the size of cockring you will need while erect to allow for removal, do not use a metal or other solid unstretchy/unbreakable ting.

Why people use cockrings:

  • Helps men stay erect longer
  • Makes male orgasm stronger
  • Vibrating rings add sensation for both partners
  • Added support


Above are examples of good options for beginners.

The most basic are the U-Ring by Forta. This one is made out of jelly material and is low priced. These are great for a first time use. The jelly material is stretchy so it fits just about everyone, and the design is simple making it easy to wear. You can either place at bottom of penis, above the testicals, or under the testicals, as shown.


I don’t suggest this one if you are a cock ring pro, over time jelly stretches out. It is also porous so it takes in bacteria.





If you are looking for a basic cockring that wont over stretch or gather bacteria, thus making it useful for longer, your best bet is using silicone cock rings.


Cock rings with “wings” or two loops on the side, as seen here, are not as complicated as they can look. These are made so that they can be put on without accidentally snapping it on causing pain.

Story Time: One day I was at work, telling a couple about this, and the woman told me that after a couple glasses of wine, this really does happen. That’s not the best way to keep the mood going.

These cockrings are available in a variety of material.