Lube Review: Trustex Personal Lubricant (with aloe vera)



I typically don’t use lube, but seeing as the last time I used it (WET Silk) it really increased my enjoyment, I decided to keep trying some lubes out and see how it goes. Using this lube really let me see that there is credit due to WET. After the first bit of lube was used I immediately noticed a difference between the two products. It was clear to me that there would be some difference as WET Silk is a hybrid and Trustex is just water based, I still managed to wish I had used nothing this time. I personally found this lube irritated my skin, left me and my toys sticky, and generally annoyed me enough that I gave up and showered to avoid any infection. I didnt have a pleasant experience with it, the best purpose for this lube would probably be for oral sex as a flavour inhancer.


  • Tastes good
  • Water Based
  • Condom Safe
  • Silicone safe
  • Aloe Vera


  • Gets extremely sticky due to sweetner and water based nature
  • Dried out quickly
  • Contains propylene glycol, glycerin.