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Lube Review: Sex Tarts Tangy Lube

Sex Tarts Tangy Lube for Lovers

Sex tarts 6oz pack
Sex tarts 6oz pack


I decided to buy some Sex Tarts Flavoured lube because it tastes so darn amazing. I think this is my go-to lube for oral sex. I would avoid using it internally, but it so delicious it is basically candy for sex.


Deionized water, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Aspartame, Artificial flavor, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl.

There are many ingredients that I do avoid, which is one of the reasons I would prefer not to use it internally, if it wasn’t for it’s delicious taste I would of never of bothered to talk about it. But here I am. I am always telling people to avoid glycerine and propylene glycol. I don’t agree with using aspertame, but atleast it isn’t a sticky ingredient.

Internal use:

Before putting this on a toy to give you a good idea of what this lube was like, I checked the stickyness on my arm. After concluding that it didn’t get too sticky or leave me feeling covered in goop, I tried it out. I don’t recommend using glycerine internally, especially as a frequent lubricant. Use of glycerine lubricants can cause yeast infections. Sex Tarts lubricant was ok. It stayed wet for about 5 mins with friction.

External use:

I would mainly recommend this lubricant if you like sweet and tart tastes. This tastes alot like the sweet/sour candy tubes the 90s kids know so well. The nostalgia is a fun aspect of it. This would be good for anyone who has no sensitivities to use for ora sex, either bj or clitoral. While in reality there is no need for lubricant in these activities, if you want to add some flavour this is an option. This could also be good for an edible massage product, though it may make you slightly sticky.


If you want a flavoured lubricant but have sensitivities, you may want to concider Sliquid Swirl products. They have a lighter taste but are far superior to the sex tarts when it comes to body health. They contain no bad ingredients. Some people avoid aspertame so if this is you, you may want to concider a non flavoured lubricant.

Where to purchase:

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