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How to: Be a useful broke finsub

How to: Be a broke useful finsub

You may be broke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to my wealth and success.

If your looking to say, “Hello Goddess”, here are ways to serve me that will spare me from needing to ignore your tributeless words.

Canada US and UK:

Step One: Download Wealthsimple Cash using this link:$whimsy…

Step Two: Send the referal bonus of $25 to my casht@g $whimsyfai

Canadian Subs:

Free DAILY task: 

Step 1: Download Shakepay: ;

Step 2: Shake phone daily and send me the bitcoin pennies you receive. Shaketag: @faiwhimsy

Subs from elsewhere:

Follow my Social media accounts, Retweet, Like and Comment on all of it. Repeat as often as I post.

Lots of Free Tasks (humiliation, CBT, Degrading, Etc) available along the way down.

What not to do:

Do not – Contact me without tribute

Do not – Pay me once and think I will forever talk to you

Do not – Comment on my things asking me to message you.