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Sliquid Oceanics Infusion Botanique Lubricant


Sliquid lived up to all my expectations and more.

I used this for solo play, as I do find lubricant makes solo time much more pleasurable.

For solo use, it didn’t dry out on me, using less than a dime sized amount worked for an hour or so of use.

Sliquid is amazing for its natural qualities. There are no cancer causing chemicals or synthetics. It is very body friendly. I have suggested it for many women, because I have been able to check out the slippery-ness and what it feels like when dry, so I fully trusted it. So I figured it was time to put it to the test for myself.



  • Organic ?
  • Natural ingredients ?
  • Stayed slippery for as long as I needed it without using much
  • Safe for all toys
  • Safe for condoms
  • Vegan ?
  • Great PH for fertility (6.7)


  • Due to water based nature, will dry out faster than silicone lube; thus making it less optimal for anal.


I love this lube, it is my favourite. When it dries it moisturizes the skin, I have tried this with all water based Sliquid products, there is no stickyness at any point and dries into skin leaving it feel like it was never there. The best part of this lube is that it is so natural I actually feel good about using it.

Thank you Sliquid for caring about my body.

Never stop learning,

~Whimsy <3

Choosing the right Lube

My first question to anyone who comes in looking for lube is generally, is it for conventional sex, or more, and when they look at there boyfriend before responding and shyly saying no, I get to the point, “So no anal?”

All lubes aren’t the same. Different factors effect the type of lube that would be best for you.

Questions I ask:

  • Are you sensitive (to uti’s, yeast infections, allergies)

If yes, choose a hypoallergenic lube, with no PEG, Propylene glycol, glycerin or parabens. The more natural the better.

Examples: Sliquid Organics H20, Intimate organics defence, Blossom Organics.

  • Do you own silicone toys?


If you don’t know, go with a water based and play it safe.

If yes, avoid a silicone based lube. Silicone based lubes break down silicone toys. Stick to water based or silicone safe hybrids.

  • Is staying wet a problem?

If yes, use a silicone based lube, they stay wet and slippery for longer than water based. If you own silicone toys and want a lube that will stay slippery for longer, use a silicone safe hybrid. Example of a silicone safe hybrid: Wet Silk

When in doubt – use water based. There are plenty of water based lubes available for any use, hypoallergenic, anal, flavoured, toy specific. Basically water based won’t harm your toys, is easy to clean off, doesn’t stain, and feels like natural wetness. You do have to add it more often, but hopefully as you get into it, it wont be nessisary.

Choosing an anal lube:

The anus doesn’t produce lubrication of it’s own so using lubricant is super important. When choosing an anal lube I suggest going with a thick, silicone based lube. This allows for your lube to stay slippery, and end up in and on the places you want it to be.

If you are trying to get pregnant:

There are lubes on the market specifically for people who are trying to concieve. Examples: Pre-Seed, and Astroglide TTC

If you want to use a regular lubricant during sex I suggest using a natural, organic, waterbased lube; such as Sliquid Organics Natural or Waterslide. The PH is closer to those in a trying to conceive lubricant.



Pros and Cons of different lube types:

Water based:


  • Washes off body easily
  • More like natural body fluids
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Safe for all toys
  • Available in warming, cooling, tingling, and flavoured.
  • Also available in hypoallergenic, natural and organic.


  • Dries faster than silicone lube
  • Ones with sugar ones can get sticky

Ingredients in some water based and hybrid lubes to avoid:

Polyethylene Glycol:

“pol·y·eth·yl·ene gly·col
noun: polyethylene glycol; noun: PEG; noun: polyethyleneglycol
a synthetic resin made by polymerizing ethylene glycol, in particular any of a series of water-soluble oligomers and polymers used chiefly as solvents or waxes.” Google

Propylene Glycol:

According to the Environmental Working Group, propylene glycol can cause a whole host of problems. It is rated a 3 by them, which is categorized as a “moderate” health issue. It has been shown to be linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive issues, allergies/immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity. It has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration, while the industry review panel recommends cosmetics can contain up to 50% of the substance. It has also been classified as “expected to be toxic or harmful” by Environment Canada.” -



  • Available in organic and natural versions
  • Dries out slower than water-based
  • Many hybrid versions are latex and silicone safe


  • Dries out quicker than purely silicone based lubes
  • Creamy colour




  • Great for anal
  • Do not dry out
  • Most are safe for latex
  • Available in organic and natural versions and hypoallergenic.


  • Can not use on silicone toys
  • Harder to clean off toys
  • Can stain bedding *Fuck silicone is heard to not stain, and Moist Anal claims it doesn’t stain.

Ingredients and what they do:

Cyclotetrasiloxane: Can accumulate in aquatic organisms and act as a hormone disruptor. It also causes interference with hormone function in humans. There is a possibility that it can cause impaired fertility.

Cyclopentasiloxane: Similar to cyclotetrasiloxane, accumulates in aquatic organisms as hormone disruptor, also causing interference with hormone function in humans. Cyclopentasiloxane can cause uterine tumours and harm the reproductive and immune system. Lastly, Cyclopentasilixane may influence neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

Ingredient Information Source: Environment Canada & David Suzuki

Oil based:


  • Great for male masturbation toys
  • Do not dry out
  • Available in special formulas that change texture (ex. Stroke 29)
  • Thick cream like versions available


  • Can stain sheets
  • Can be hard to clean off
  • Not good for women’s bodys

Many adventures,

Whimsy <3

Kegel Balls & Pelvic Floor Exercisers

Why do Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Benefits of this are:

  • Tighten Vagina
  • Strengthen orgasm
  • Prevent accidental urination (like peeing when you sneeze, cough, jump on a trampoline)
  • Help hold in farts

You can do exercises with or without Kegal Exercisers. These are the set of muscles that you use to stop peeing midstream.

Benefits of using Kegal Balls:

  • Natural vibration from weighed ball withing the kegel balls from most sets
  • Can cause orgasm for some women
  • Provides more direct proof of pelvic floor strengthening
  • Physical reminder to continue exercising

I personally couldn’t do it without having something in me to help me recognize that I’m actually achieving something. So I bought the LOE Ladies Only Edition Kegel Set.



I’m a huge fan of Kegal sets. And I’m a bigger fan of these two specifically.

LOE Ladies Only Edition: 

This set is made out of body safe non porous silicone. It comes with 4 kegal balls. Two about 1 1/2 inches wide the other two about 3/4 an inch wide. The first set you start with are the larger lighter set. This makes it easier to keep them in.


Geisha Balls: The lightest colour is the lightest weight, the darkest colour is the heaviest

With all kegal sets, you start with the kegal balls with the least weight. As you get stronger (and you will) you move to the heavier balls in the set.

Both these sets have a silicone holder. This allows for easy removal, also can provide a way to do more exercises. One of my favourites is pulling on the string for a couple seconds while holding my kegel muscles.

The Minna kGoal.

It is made out of silicone, have a one year warentee and are rechargable. You place the larger part of the kGoal into the vagina, (the kgoal can deflate and reinflate) and you work your muscles with it. The lighter you squeeze the lighter it vibrates. The stronger you squeeze the stronger it vibrates back. This stimulates the gspot. I consider this a pleasure reward system for kegal exercises.


The Magic Banana – Made by a doctor, and a yoga fanatic.


This is nice for people who plan to do there kegal exercises at home. You squeeze the loops place inside and work your kegal muscles while able to see the loop move as you press. Good for the visual kegal exerciser.



The Electric Eric by Mystim. Good for electric play, and for pelvic floor muscles.

If your having difficulty with pelvic floor exercises, estim is good for “waking up” the pelvic floor. It works pretty well, doesn’t require much thought at first. After using this, when you can control your muscles more, you can go back to a kegal set or other methods, or continue using this. Who knows, Maybe you’ll like estim for more than just pelvic floor strengthening.


Here’s to the future…


Lady uses pelvic floor muscles to hold surf board.



Sex Toy Materials

One of the things that can be misunderstood or confusing is what the toy’s they are looking at are made of, and what that mean for them.

Basic Sex Toy Rules:

If you don’t know the material of your toy or can’t remember what’s safe for it:

  • Use an Antibacterial Toy Cleaner from a Sex store. It is worth the investment. Easier than finding a clear colour-free antibacterial hand soap, and won’t get stuck in the pores of porous materials like soap can.
  • NEVER use dishsoap
  • Use a water based lube
  • Don’t use a lubricated condom on toys when you think they may be silicone as some lubricated condoms use silicone lube




This is a material that is very commonly found in women’s vibrators


  • Soft, Squishy, Semi-lifelike feel
  • Low priced
  • Comes in variety of vibrant colours
  • Can be used with any lube


  • Porous: This means it is more likely to keep bacteria, and retain parts of any liquid it comes into contact with.
  • Should only be used for a maximum of 6 months due to its porous nature
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • May contain phthalates – But many companies now advertise there Jelly toys as Phthalate-free

Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) are a group of chemicals that can make products (usually plastics) softer and more flexible. They are sometimes called plasticizers, but many other chemicals are also called plasticizers.

Phthalates are used in a range of products, including:

  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, which is a specific type of plastic used in some products, such as shower curtains
  • medical plastics, such as PVC IV bags and tubes
  • children’s toys and supplies
  • cosmetics, such as nail polish and perfumes

The Canadian Cancer Society is most concerned about phthalates in certain medical supplies and in children’s toys and supplies

Click here to learn more



100% Pure Silicone is what I am referring to here. Check the packaging of your product. If it is truly pure silicone they will be sure to let you know.


This is my FAVOURITE toy I have ever seen. I will make a post about it in the future, but for now, here is an example of a silicone toy.


  • Non-Porous Material
  • Phthalate-free
  • Lasts VERY long with proper care (Cleaning with antibacterial toy cleaner, and storing separate from other silicone products.)
  • Soft feel, feels pleasing to the touch (Like a velvety feel)
  • Semi-Squishy


  • Must be used with a water based or hybrid lube (be cautious with hybrids, some are not safe for silicone. If you can go into a store and talk with an employee, or use an online resource to find a silicone safe hybrid go for it.) Examples of safe hybrid lubes are: Sliquid Naturals Silk, Wet® Synergy™ DO NOT USE A SILICONE BASED LUBE WITH A SILICONE TOY
  • More pricey (I think it’s worth it, that’s me though #NOSHAME)
  • Harder material than Jelly (Pro and con)


“Is your Sliquid Naturals Silk lubricant safe to use with silicone or ABS plastic toys as it contains around 12% silicone ? Its always mentioned not to use silicone based lubricant with silicone toys, but yours is a water-base. I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your answer.”

Sliquid Answers…

We have found that Silk is safe with many of the high end silicone toys. We always suggest testing on the base of the toy first, and cleaning the toy ASAP after, to insure there is no damage to your toy.

Can Wet® Synergy™ be used with silicone toys?

Wet® Synergy™ has been tested on various qualities of silicone toys without any adverse effects. To be sure, we recommend conducting a small patch test on your toys prior to use to determine if there is any risk of the silicone in Wet® Synergy™ reacting to the silicone content in your favorite toy. As with any formula, we recommend washing your toys immediately after play.
More from Wet

I’ll go into lubes later… I’m getting off topic.

Cyberskin / UR3

cyber men

Cyberskin looks and feels about as close to real skin as you can get without having the real thing. This was first used for men’s toys. I believe this to be one of the best materials for male masturbation toys, and for packers.

Recently cyberskin made it to the world of womens toys. Lets talk.

Women are generally more likely to get UTI’s and we can get yeast infections. This is why I tend to prefer silicone as the material of choice for womens toys. If you have no history of UTI’s, or any bacterial infection and are aching for a real feel, go for it ladies.

Tips: (Before I move on to my Pro’s and Con’s list)

  • Use an antibacterial toy cleaner to clean your UR3/Cyberskin toy. Rinse off thoroughly. Using soap is much harder to get out of a porous material and will refoam up if it’s not completely rinsed off when lube or natural body fluid hits it. Toy cleaners are specially made so that they easily rinse off and out of porous materials and do not reactivate as easily.
  • Never use alcohol on UR3
  • Once your toy is air dried, Place in cyberskin powder or cornstarch to bring back the softness of it.


  • Real look and feel
  • Warms up to body temperature easily


  • Is semi fragile, you don’t want to go to fast.
  • Porous
  • Doesn’t last long
  • The softer the material, the less vibration carries throughout it
  • More work after use than most toys




  • Easy to clean (Can be cleaned by boiling, or using toy cleaner)
  • Solid, smooth
  • Transfers vibration extremely well throughout dildo
  • Can be very discreet
  • Does not break easily (An inch of Pyrex Glass can last 3000 pounds of pressure)
  • Can be used for lifetime
  • Can be cooled in fridge, or warmed in hot water before use
  • Holds temperature well


  • Solid (Hey some people really need soft)
  • Check for any chips before use (if dropped it is more likely to chip than shatter)
  • Does not absorb body heat quick.
  • Heavy




Ceramic Pros and Cons


  • Transfers vibrations easily and thoroughly
  • Some ceramic toys have a plug at the bottom so you can fill it with very warm or cold water. Great for temperate setting
  • Hard material so wont change shape
  • Non porous material
  • Colourful


  • Hard material, no softness
  • Breaks easier than glass or metal





  • Some aluminum toys have heating function
  • Transfers vibration easily
  • Non porous


  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Doesn’t hold temperature as well as better metals
  • Doesn’t look very good
  • Breaks easily


stainless steel

Stainless steel


  • Non porous
  • Easy to clean, Can be boiled to clean, or toy cleaner
  • Lifetime toy
  • Transfers vibration well
  • Strong material, won’t break or flex
  • Looks good
  • Can be put in warm or cold water to take on temperature
  • Holds temperate well


  • Solid, no squish
  • Heavy


Introduction (18+ only)

This is an 18+ only blog, If you are under 18 leave now. 

Welcome to my blog. Here I will talk about all things sex. I work at a Adult toy store. Our main job is to educate; Materials, Shapes, Vibrating, Sex Aids, Safety, and Consent.

I really love what I do, so much that I want to continue it in my free time.

A run down of what I will talk about:

  1. Materials
  2. Lubes
  3. Women’s Toys
  4. Men’s Toys
  5. Anal Sex
  6. Reviews
  7. Advise (email me)
    & other topics… Keeping it simple for now, if you have any requests or questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to reply ASAP.

Twitter: @Whimsyxxxfairie


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