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How to: Be a useful broke finsub

How to: Be a broke useful finsub

You may be broke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to my wealth and success.

If your looking to say, “Hello Goddess”, here are ways to serve me that will spare me from needing to ignore your tributeless words.

Canada US and UK:

Step One: Download Wealthsimple Cash using this link:$whimsy…

Step Two: Send the referal bonus of $25 to my casht@g $whimsyfai

Canadian Subs:

Free DAILY task: 

Step 1: Download Shakepay: ;

Step 2: Shake phone daily and send me the bitcoin pennies you receive. Shaketag: @faiwhimsy

Subs from elsewhere:

Follow my Social media accounts, Retweet, Like and Comment on all of it. Repeat as often as I post.

Lots of Free Tasks (humiliation, CBT, Degrading, Etc) available along the way down.

What not to do:

Do not – Contact me without tribute

Do not – Pay me once and think I will forever talk to you

Do not – Comment on my things asking me to message you.

Updated Payment Information

Etransfer make the password yesgoddess


Wealthsimple Cash: $whimsyfai




Shakepay: @faiwhimsy

Bitcoin: 39fFHRVcNadjLQgtyxYvViquBd4MeThX9D

Ethereum: 0x9a0eaadc85c09233930c63e4a1ebf7c3ef2bee6b

**Bitcoin and Ethereum Prefered**


Tributes: Verification for Financial Submissives

We all come across it. A person identifying as a financial submissive with the username “PayPig21” “FinsubRich” They show up in your dm’s: “Hello Goddess” a seemingly respectful first message. So you send your payment info cause they clearly couldn’t read the 100’s of times you had it posted on your page, and they reply “I’ve been scammed before and want to talk first” or “I don’t know if your right for me” and here is where my conversation ends, because I am verified on AVN and OnlyFans, and you are verified no where. My page has plenty of indications about the kind of dominatrix I am, and a genuine finsub finds sending hot, so you’re not going to have a problem sending the $25 it costs to verify your willingness to serve me.

“Hello Goddess”

Lurk my page, learn what I’m like, read what information I provide, and make a decision. A tribute wont kill you, and it may being you into the most rewarding dom/sub relationship you’ve ever been in. Know what you want, and be prepared to cash verify yourself. Screenshots of “conversations” with “other dommes” or sent money tells me nothing.

Lets talk about what you need after we verify your age and status as a finsub. Not before. I have enough “hello goddess” messages to start a cult. I don’t want you if you wanna waste my time.

Tribute to serve,
Goddess Whimsy

Ethical (Financial) Domination

”The Ultimate Form of Submission, Findom”

Hello powerful dommes and submissive financial slaves,

I wanted to write a blog on being an ethical domme, and I hope to hear some comments from submissives and dommes. 

What are your views on dominating ethically, and being dominated ethically?

As a domme, I believe it is my responsibility to encourage you to pay your bills. If your not paying your bills, you wont be able to serve me properly. I need you with a house, job, internet and money. If your not taking care of yourself and your essential needs you will soon be unable to serve me, which leaves you worthless to be in a submissive sense. By taking care of your bills you ARE serving me. Especially if you are a long term sub. The only place where I can make this easy is under a TPE agreement, where I can make sure everything is paid and I can control your spending of the money you surrender to me. In my links, I have a link to sex addiction help, and this is how I offer help to whale subs and community subs who are falling into an addictive behaviour that is beyond their control. 

Domme/Dom’s – how do you make sure your submissive is taking care of bills and their health. Making sure they’re keeping clean and fed for their jobs so they continue to serve you financially? I especially want to know how you take care of short term subs, I know this is an area where you hope they are using logic with their community sends and whale sends.

Subs, are you setting limits with your dommes, do you know that you will best serve your domme with a roof over your head, especially if you want to work with them long term? Does being ethically dominated turn you off, and if so, what aspect?

Satisfier Pro 2: UPDATED REVIEW

The Satisfyer Pro 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0/5.0 stars

I recently rediscovered this toy in my box of toys. So I decided to give it another go. There are SO many great toys by this brand. I put it in my bodysuit and it started sucking my clit. It was so intense, I couldn’t walk. I have had sensitivity problems on and off through my life.

I believe everyones body and sensitivity changes, and often as we get older women become more sensitive and have a higher sex drive (this frequently is opposite in men). This is my truth.

Since I had such a great experience with it after writing my 4 star review prior, I thought it was time I add on. Satisfier has excellent customer service and has always been so kind to their toy reviewer.

I had the longest, strongest orgasm I have EVER had with this toy.

It is made from premium silicone, is lightweight, and is a great price. The shape of the handle makes it easy for anyone to use. I had fingers going in and out of me, but the STRONGEST sensation was the Satisfier. It was an amazing 45 mins.

The toy doesn’t just stop as the battery runs low, which I appreciate you get a good amount of warning that it needs a recharge. I think 45 mins after leaving it in a box for a year and a half is amazing.

So bravo to Satisfier, I am proud of how you handled my honest reviews in the past, and I think that’s part of what makes you an excellent company.

~Goddess Whimsy Fai (Dominatrix, Adult Reviews, Sex Education)

Previous Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.0/5.0 Stars

$74.95 USD / €59.95


➕ Additional heads available➕

➕ Eleven Speeds ➕

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was the strongest option, and it was the one I was most excited about, it came in at second place for me because it’s head was a bit too small to find the comfortable position for me. I really wanted this to be the right toy for me but in the end the Penguin had it beat! The good part about if you buy this toy and it isn’t right for you is there are many other heads available for you to try with it! The interchangeable silicone heads made cleaning easy. I

See review here

Connect to your Financial Dominatrix

Tribute is: $25 minimum

You only get one chance at a good first impression










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Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

I received three toy’s from Satisfyer in exchange for an honest fair review. I have decided to write about the Satisyer Pro 4 couples first.


Satisfyer gorgeous range of toy’s

Satisfier Pro 4 Couples

Pros & Cons


  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Gorgeous Design
  • Unique Suction technology
  • Various Strong Vibration Settings
  • Quiet Suction setting when on body
  • Rechargable using magnetic charger
  • Removable suction tip


  • Point at end of toy uncomfortable internally
  • Shape not adjustable and does not work for all cis female bodies
  • I couldn’t properly use it due to the fit and shape



Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

Ranked compared to other Satisfyer models: 6th place out of 6.

Other reviews of Satisfyer toys: Click here for more Satisfyer reviews,

I wanted to love this toy. I wanted something me and my partner could use, during either penile penetration or with a strap on or fingers. I decide to try it on my own first, with the plan to use a dildo with it.

I loved the look, sleek, feminine, rose gold accents , completely gorgeous. It looked, completely fuckable. It reminded me of other toys made by companies that specialize in couples sex enhancement. I loved the idea of oral sex stimulation as apposed to just vibration, and why shouldn’t I? Oral sex turns me on much more than vibration ever will.

Satisfyer does an amazing job of reproducing the sensations brought about by oral sex. See my reviews of the Satisfyer Penguin and other Satisfyer products here. I can always expect a good time with their products. I had so much fun with this new line, but this product had a fatal flaw for me.

Fatal flaw:

Every body is different. Not every toy is prepared to adjust to everybody. Unfortunately for me, this toy was angled too lightly to work for my body, which meant when the suction hit my clit, the top hit the farther wall of my vagina. This would of been ok, if it weren’t for the  aesthetic looking slightly pointed tip, which made it very uncomfortable.

Because of these two problems – bringing either a partner or dildo was out of the question. I could manage fingers which could wrap around the thin toy, but moving around was uncomfortable and made this a tedious process.

I wanted to love this toy. The suction, overall is great, and if you have got a vagina that is closer to the clit than I have, it may work for you. I feel like this toy may work for men who like anal stimulation and well as stimulation of the taint. But as I don’t have that situation I can’t tell you first hand.

I recommend you look at other reviews to form your opinion on it before purchasing, every body is different. This toy won two awards, so it must work wonders for some bodies.

This toy didn’t fit my body, and it was not adjustable, so my experience was sub par. Luckily, the experience of the other two products they sent blew my mind.

Check out the rest of Satisfyer’s range here:


Toy Review: G-Balls 2

I recieved the G-balls 2 from Fun Toys in exchange for a fair and honest review


It is never easy to review a product that I had a had a poor experience with. I want every product to be good. The sad part about this particular review is that I didn’t get enough time with the product to be able to tell you much about it. The first product I recieved refused to charge, and the second one I got didn’t react properly when pressed (normally by your kegal muscles)

About the Toy:

Material: Silicone/Plastic

Safe Lubricant: Waterbased

Main Function: Kegal Exercise activated Vibration  / Weighted Kegal balls

App Compatible: Yes, can also be used without app

Can be used with partner: Yes, Partner can cause vibrations using app if you are in the same room.

Warranty: One Year

The idea of G-Balls:

This product is epic in theory. When I got the first set they were fully charged and I got a chance to play with them. I used the app to make the bird fly for a certain number of seconds, followed by a rest, and then making the bird fly again. If the battery would of charged I would of been able to review the product, it seemed amazing! I’m sad that it unfortunately didn’t work out that way. The app offered to keep track of my progress and I imagined playing the kegal game every night for fun and having strong enough kegals to lift a surf board. The G-balls do have a one year warranty so if this happens to you, you can let them know. I emailed Fun Toys and they sent me a new set in a week. It is the fastest I’ve ever recieved a product. Unfortunately when it arrived the sides of it wouldn’t react as the last ones did. I even tried it with my hands and it took a rediculous amount of pressure. They were properly weighted and sat well in my body.


These toys came in a plain cardboard box, there was nothing about it that said that it was a sex toy. It came with instruction manuals in the box, as well as a charger and a storage bag.


Toy Review: Three Satisfyer’s – Three Experiences


Hello Curious Blog Readers, 

Today I am writing about the Satisfyer brand of clitoral toys. I created a lot of hype in my head for these toys, I remember seeing it for a year on the shelves of the store and dreaming that one day, I may get the chance to try it. The lovely people at Satifyer sent me three models to review for you great people. I probably would of purchased one a long time ago if I would of realized they were being grossly overpriced at the toy shop I worked for and went to the company site instead.


My Experience 

I recieved the Satisfyer series of toys from @satisfyercom in a cardboard box that made me think I was getting a product I ordered on Wish. Good thing I didn’t open it in the post office, it was so discreet even I had no clue.

When I got to my car I opened it and was shocked to find three versions of the Satisfyer. I was really hoping they would send the Satisfyer Pro 2 and they did!

When I got home I got to my testing, after some initial photo’s. I started off with the one I thought would be weakest, the battery operated Satisfyer 2. As I imagined it would be it was too light for me and I found the opening too small to comfortably place on my clitoris.

I moved on to the one I thought might be second best, The Satisfyer Pro Penguin. First I admired its adorable shape. I was a little disappointed that I chose the pink one instead of the black and white one which had a cute little bowtie. I placed this one on my clit on the lowest setting and found it quite pleasant, eventually I got used to it and switched to the highest setting which was really nice but didn’t bring me to the point of “oh yes!”. After a while I decided to switch toys hoping that the Satisfyer Pro 2 would provide the umph I needed to send me over the edge. Unfortunately it didn’t fit comfortably on my body and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I liked the Penguin. I have a basic rule when it comes to the first tests of any review toy and it is that I try it on its own without any additional stimulation.

On second try of the penguin, I tried it on it’s own switching between settings as if to stimulate like oral sex does. It was nice to have the changes in intensity. I got to the point where I found myself really desperate to orgasm, and added in extra toys, after adding a bit of vibration above my clit, I had a really nice orgasm, I am glad to hear that Satisfyer has added a product to their line that also provides vibration. Check out the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration here.

For me, the Satisfyer Pro was a great tease and helped my head to get into the space where I was really turned on and prepared to really enjoy other toys or sex. If I get an evening to enjoy myself this is a great first toy to use to ease myself into the evening, I can even bring it in the tub.

The Products

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.0/5.0 stars

?$74.95 USD / €59.95?


✈️ Vacation Sized ✈️

➕ Eleven Modes ➕

This toy was my favourite model ❤️ The larger clitoral suction area was the most comfortable shape for my body. It was a rounded rectangular shape as apposed to the round shape of the other models, the mouth of the toy was also wider. I would recommend this model to anyone who likes a larger clitoral stimulation and wants stimulation directed over the length of the clitorus, This would also be recommended for anyone on testosterone who may have an enlarged clit. This toy is also great if you’re headed somewhere on an airplane. According to the Canadian airport security rules “Tools” must be shorter than 5” to bring on board, this one just makes the cut at 4.75” but I still recommend you have some postage on you just incase. It is such a cute toy as well.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.0/5.0 Stars

?$74.95 USD / €59.95?


➕ Additional heads available➕

➕ Eleven Speeds ➕

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was the strongest option, and it was the one I was most excited about, it came in at second place for me because it’s head was a bit too small to find the comfortable position for me. I really wanted this to be the right toy for me but in the end the Penguin had it beat! The good part about if you buy this toy and it isn’t right for you is there are many other heads available for you to try with it! The interchangeable silicone heads made cleaning easy.

The Satisfyer 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3.0/5.0

? $49.95 USD / €39.95 ?

⚡️Requires 2 AAA Batteries ⚡️

➕ 11 Suction Settings➕

My favourite thing about battery operated toys is that you don’t have to remember to charge them. This toy kept things very simple. It wasn’t overly strong for all you sensitive people, in the same sense it didn’t have the intensity of the rechargeable models. If you need intensity I recommend the Satisfyer Pro Penguin or the Satisfyer Pro 2.

All include:

?365 Day money back guarantee?

? 10 Year Warranty ?

✈️ Free Shipping over $49.99 USD ✈️

? Great Prices ?

? Discreet Packaging ?

? Waterproof ?

☑️ Silicone and ABS plastic ☑️


✅ Clean toy with Antibacterial scent-free soap

✅ Use water based lubricant

? Don’t use silicone based lubricant

? Not for internal use.

 ? Only the Satisfyer Pro 2 has a removable silicone tip


The Satisfyer models were a huge step up from any “Oral-Clitoral stimulation” toy I have tried. It had patterns and waves that made sense with my body. It did a good job of doing what I expected, for me oral sex generally provides an intense thought of “oh my gosh fuck me now please” and if you are looking to build up that energy and oral sex does that for you this is the toy. It should be remembered that alot of the female orgasm is brought on by our heads and what we are thinking. If nipple play is your thing, these toys can also be used on any area that you would want a mouth. This toy can help you reach a perfect state of teased, or for those who are more sensitive; it may actually bring on orgasm. My favourite way to use this toy was to tease for a while, then bring other toys into the mix. I am not very sensitive overall and without other toys I couldn’t climax. This toy is great if you are having a hard time getting to the same level as you’re partner, I almost guarantee it’ll be a worthwhile tease, and Satisfyer has a money back guarantee for 365 days!

I have had the opportunity to hold the Womanizer and the Satisfyer and I would personally recommend the Satisfyer by the visual and physical differences.

Thank you to Satisfyer for providing me these models in exchange for an honest review.

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