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Toy Review: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

I recieved a Unicorn horn in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Today I was thinking about how much I LOVE this toy, and I thought about the review I was sure I did on it, only to realize there was nothing on my site that talked about it. Here is my overdue review of the Splitpeaches Unicorn Horn.

SplitPeaches has been an amazing company from the moment I started working with them. The owner Andy works hard to make great body safe products. His packaging tells the customer how to care for their products. When Andy comes up with a new design he talks to the internet for advise. This makes products that are perfect for as many people as possible.

? SplitPeaches specializes in making silicone dongs without any vibration. The unicorn horn dong comes in multiple colours and is able to be used vaginally or anally. It comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. It seems that some people in porn have featured this toy in there videos as well.


The Toy:

Product: ?  Unicorn Horn Dong

Size: Small

Colour: Metallic Blue and purple

Material: Silicone

Suitable Lube: Water-Based

For use: Vaginally or Anally

My experience: 

The size small unicorn horn is an extremely pleasant size and the shape provides a perfect amount of pleasure. The twist of the horn has a ridge every cm and a half and it feels like it hits all the right spots no matter where I put it. Anally the ridges were just high enough to provide sensation but not cause any pain. This toy is one of my favourites, not only does it feel incredible but it also looks adorable. Half the time I bring it out of it’s storage just so I can tell my friends I have a unicorn horn.

This toy feels great on its own without any other toys. If you go slowly each ridge feels like a teasing re-entry. If you go fast it feels amazingly pleasant. Even though silicone can be quite hard I don’t find anything about this toy unpleasant. The size is perfect for my body. Even though I have many other thicker dongs, I wouldn’t of chose a wider one if a had a choice.



The SplitPeaches Dong came to me in a cardboard box, the company that sent it was called “Dreamkey Media” and it was all kept very discreet. In the box I found cute purple gift wrap paper with the SplitPeaches logo hand pressed on to it. As Andy was sending me a review toy he put it in a bag he was trying out for store or bulk shipping. Normally he sends his toys in nice clear plastic cylinder but we discussed the packaging before it was mailed. My invoice was placed into a shiny purple envelope letting me know that the owner “Andy” himself had sent my order.

Overview: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 Stars

Andy’s personal touch and strong customer relations means his product stands out from other dongs on the market. There are many companies who make dongs yet many don’t take the time to understand the customers as Andy does. Andy is always asking his bloggers for feedback about the products and accepts both good and bad reviews with open arms. I am always amazed by his work ethic. Because of this, his products are amazing, especcially the unicorn horn. I have no complaints about this product. It is clean cut and simple, body safe and easy to clean, and it feels amazing. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants a cute dong to add to there toy box.

Go to the SplitPeaches website and view the whole product line by clicking here.

The double dong, the witch and the wardrobe.

Actually it’s more like Miss Fai and her vagina to Narnia.

Recently I got back together with a partner from years ago. One of the long dreamt about fantasies was her using a strap on, on me. She had 2, one was a jelly double ended dildo, and the other was the silicone Tantus Feeldoe. When I got there her silicone toy was forgotten at the old house she was previously living at, and so the only option was the jelly toy, or no strap on. Curious what the fantasy would live out like, I let go of my strong views on jelly and my mind was absolutely blown.

For the first time ever my A-spot was stimulated. Over and over and over. As I got hornier and wetter I wanted deeper stimulation. I was unaware of how much of our double ended dildo that I was actually taking. Later she told me that about 10-11 inches of the toy were inserted. Holy shit! I was clearly embarrassed by my own bodies ability. But the reality is that it is normal for the vagina to increase in length when arroused. I heard this fact going through my head as I calmed down my embarrassment. She was amazed, and more impressed than anything.

I had such an amazing time with this toy that I continued to use it, despite the material, telling myself we would find a silicone alternative after my vacation. As I went to the Canadian and US sites to look for options I was filled with disappointment as all I could find were toys that were shaped completely different, or were made of jelly. In one case the toy was perfectly shaped, silicone, but way too small.

I took to Twitter to ask my fellow bloggers where I could get a silicone version.

IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5647

Luckily, as I had hoped, 4 great bloggers came to my rescue: @NatandTom_ @randomredrose @lil_bruises @juvenileadult They all suggested the 12 or 16 inch silicone option from Bondara, A UK based store that ships to Canada for about $10 CAD. The total CAD cost including shipping was $45 which is an amazing price.


I don’t have any connection to Bondara and gain nothing by letting you all know about them, but I am so greatful that there is a body safe option, and certain I am not the only person looking for this specific item, that I wanted to let other people know.

If you would like to check out these dongs there are links below:

12 inch double dong from Bondara

16 inch double dong from Bondara

I look forward to recieving and trying the silicone option, and will be sure to review it once I have recieved it. I know my partner is amazing with this shape. I always used to think that other options were better, and if I had never of had this experience I may of stayed in ignorance for longer. As I have known forever, everyone is different, every body has different needs, every couple has different fantasies and wishes. Who am I to tell you what works best for your situation?

All my love,


Whimsy Fai the Fairie

Toy Review: The We-Vibe Tango


As a wand girl I always have the same issues. Wands aren’t portable and they are huge and heavy.

First, A story:

I had been working at the sex shop for a year and a month eyeing the WeVibe Tango daily. Anyone who wanted an extremely strong clitoral toy was immediately shown the Tango. I envied as guest after guest left the store. I joked that they could charge it in the car.

I get a 50% discount on everything I could get at my work, except for We-Vibe and Lelo products. I wanted the tango but I was working hard to pay my bills. I only for full time hours in August and had car repairs to pay for. Sometimes I buy things online instead of instore, this was certainly my plan for the Tango.

On Black Friday I found a good deal on the Tango from a Canadian site with free shipping. I put it in my cart, went to pay, and my paypal wasn’t working. Cruel travesty!  It seemed the Gods had denied me nirvana. I would forever settle for bulky toys and the bedroom.

I continued my weekend, slightly glad I was $90 dollars richer than I would have been. I figured I had missed the sale and began shiva for my dreams. On Monday I was resting thinking about my day off and what I would do and looking through my emails. I remembered that Cyber Monday was another great sales day and maybe, just maybe, the Tango would be on sale and my Paypal would work.

I went to the site, and the deal was still on. I was so happy! After my first attempt on Cyber Friday not working, I wasn’t certain it would work, I put some Sliquid Satin in my cart and proceeded to checkout. As I connected to Paypal I shut my eyes. Peaking through my fingers I saw the words: “Confirmation Number:”

I noticed later on that I had forgotten to press the option for one day shipping. I tracked my order as it came from a town 7 hours away and wished I could have driven to get it. On the next Monday I got the notification that read: “Out for Delivery” It was as if the sun was beating down on me, the wind rushed through my hair, I could barely make out the chirps of the birds as they said: “Go fuck yourself”.

I stayed home waiting, growing more excited than I thought I could ever be. The snow was horrible and I worried the delivery man wouldn’t make it. I refused to relieve the build up sexual tension with another toy. I sat waiting as it grew worse. Eventually I knew I had to go out. I got off in 2.5 seconds without a toy and wrote a note to the dildo deliverer to leave an option to pick up from the post office.

Returning home (I broke the speed limit to get there), I ran to the mailbox, grabbed my delivery card and there it said “Will be available tomorrow for pick up at 13:30”. I am no quitter, knowing the post office didnt close for another 20 minutes I hopped into the car and raced off to see if the person behind the cash would do me a favour and hand me it early. I walked up pretending I didnt have the delivery card said “I think there’s a package here for me” she got my name and handed me my box. I could hardly restrain my hands from opening it. Knowing I would later review the product I had to take a photo of the shipment first.

The shipment (Notice I am in the car)

The shipment (Notice I am in the car)

I took both my Sliquid and Tango out of the box and placed them into my backpack. As I walked into the house I placed my dinner into the  microwave and put my tango on charge. I took a photo of the box, and went to the We-Vibe website to register my warranty. This process took 2 minutes maximum.


First Use:

After waiting days to have it ship and then hours for it to get to my house in the deep snow, I was more than prepared for the powerful Tango. Like a virgin male hiring a prostitute, I basically lost my cookies when the vibration turned on.

I started it on the first setting, Even this setting was rumbly and had deep intensity. Slowly I brought the setting up. I need strong intensity toys for self stimulation.

I had an extremely satisfying orgasm accompanied by squirting. I could easily hold onto it despite the amazing vibration. When you hold this toy in your hand it is so strong it spins. I believe it would win any vibrator race. (I will have to do one soon)

Continued Use:

The Tango has been the most amazing clitoral toy I have ever owned. It is small enough that I can wear it outside the house. I sometimes bring it with me for car quickies or a fast one on my break.

I brought it with me to a swingers club and it stimulated me while sitting in my underwear without any touching on my part. I have used it by holding it in my palm while letting the vibration transfer through my hand.
My friend lost hers and refused to believe it was gone. We both agree that it is an amazing toy and perfect for anyone who needs strong clitoral stimulation. (Update: she found it 2 months later)

More about the Tango:

– Waterproof
– One year warranty
– Made with ABS plastic
– Intense vibrations
– 8 settings (4 solid, 4 patterns)
– Optional G-spot or Anal plug attachment
– Rechargeable
– Use water based lubricant with it

Where to get it:

Toy Review: Vibratex Mystic Wand

When I first talked to the owner of Venus Envy about doing a review for Venus Envy, she wanted to know if I would review the Vibratex Mystic Wand. Normally I am not a fan of battery operated clitoral toys. I have found the exception. Thank you for the chance to do this review.

I received the Vibratex Mystic Wand from Venus Envy Ottawa in exchange for an honest and fair review. 

Mystic wand collage

Specs:Materials: ABS, Silicone
Batteries: 4 AA (rechargeable wand available)
Functions: 6 modes: 3 vibration intensities and 3 patterns
Volume: Low (Barely noticed an arms length away from body)
Optional Wand Attachments
Compatible with Water Based Lubricant


  • Silicone Head
  • AA operation lasts long time
  • Easy to control
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Fits well to body
  • Intense Rumbly Vibes
  • Shower Friendly (Splash resistant)
  • Light weight


  •  Head is not removable
  • Uses disposable batteries
  • Bright light on wand

The Vibratex Mystic Wand is a true wand. I was skeptical about a battery operated wand, so much so that before I agreed to review it I stopped by Venus Envy to check it out in person. The rumbly vibrations seemed satisfactory and I was in, it takes 4 AA’s. Surprisingly it has the same strength as my other rechargeable mid sized wand, the Please Satisfy Wand. This excited me since one of the saddest things about my rechargeable wand is when it dies I have to wait a minimum of 30 mins and by then I am off doing other things.

I got home and took it out of the box and compared it to my Please Satisfy Wand, and it’s head was slightly larger. I went through the settings I noticed that it starts out low with a green light, followed by an orange light for the middle setting, and on the 3rd function, the strongest setting, there was a red indicator light. The next 3 functions were patterns, The first one pulsed in short medium strength vibrations ( – – – – – – ) the second was two short beats followed by one longer ( – – — – – — ) the third vibration pattern is a solid vibration that escalates slowly from off to high.

Using a mid sized wand with this much power was a great experience. It was small enough that it easily fit to my body and targeted the clitoris. It is also light enough that it didn’t take much effort to hold. I found that I could still use it to provide added stimulation by moving the wand on my clit. A great feature of this wand is that you can purchase wand attachments for it so that you can use the strong vibrations internally. The attachment made specific to this toy is a rabbit style, providing internal stimulation as well as clitoral.

I am surprised by the fact that this wand has lasted as long as it has with the batteries I first put in it. Shout out to Panasonic. I fully expected to go through a set of batteries each time I used the wand for 30 mins. Clearly Vibratex must of put some thought into the making of this toy. It manages to remain strong, while not burning through batteries in the process.

Please bob wand next to vibratex wand and please desire wand

Comparison of Full sized Pink BOB wand, Vibratex Mystic wand and mid sized Please Mini wand

If you are looking for the perfect battery operated mid-sized wand that fits easily to your body, I recommend the Vibratex Mystic Wand. I know many people who have kids don’t like having toys charging and opt for the battery operated versions. This option will not disappoint. I have seen other options on the market and they do get close to living up to power of this toy.

This toy is available for $89.95 on the Venus Envy website, and if you can make it into the Ottawa or Halifax store, you can get it for $89.95 without having to wait for the item to shipping. I always recommend going in store if it is an option so you can get a first hand look of the toys before deciding to purchase. This is the reason I started blogging, so that people who didn’t have access to stores with educated staff could learn more about the purchases they want to make.

Venus Envy Ottawa:

Venus Envy’s staff were knowledgeable and inclusive. The walls each had labels to let people know what each section was all about. With my Vibratex Mystic Wand I received an information paper to tell me about my warranty and necessary batteries. They sell a variety of gender expression items, including a variety of cyber skin and silicone packers, binders and gaffs, as well as stand-to-pee devices.

As well as having inclusive products, Venus Envy also has workshops, so that everyone who wants to go to a workshop can, they are also sliding scale so that the attendee pays what they can.

Despite being a small store Venus Envy has a huge selection of stock. Each item they sell has a display model for customers to get a great idea of the product. All ready to turn on, making the experience easier for shy visitors.

Recently someone under the age of 18 had walked into Venus Envy to purchase a binder. (Chest restraint to flatten breasts). When their parents found out Venus Envy got in a bit of trouble. Since this happened Venus Envy has removed porn from the store making it okay for people of all ages to enter. This action proves Venus Envy’s true ideals. Not only does Venus Envy make the purchase of these items easier for all, they also have an initiative to help people to get binders and gaffs if they can’t afford it. If you want to donate to this effort you can go here. It is clear that Venus Envy is a store for everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

Venus Envy Ottawa is located in Ottawa’s LGBTQ village on Bank street. Venus Envy has a second location in Halifax if you can make it there, as well as being online at   Both stores are LGBTQ+ friendly, and accessible so all are welcome.


Venus Envy dot Ca

Pay it forward: Buy a Binder/Give a gaff

Vibratex Mystic Wand


Pink B.O.B Rechargeable Desire Wand

Photo of pink bob wand sitting next to box and charger

The Pink B.O.B Desire wand is my first ever full sized wand I get to review for the blog. I was so excited to try it out. The benefits of using a full sized wand was that I could start to buying attachments for internal use of the strong vibes of a full sized wand. I also suspected that it would have a longer lasting battery than my mid sized wands.


Price: $35.95 at
Material: TPR Blend & ABS plastic
Functions: 10 total; 2 Speeds, 8 patterns
Noise: Medium-Loud (They are transparent about this on the site)
Wand Strength: Intermediate (If you are new to wands)
Colour: Pink and White
Battery: Rechargeable (Can not use while charging, but lasts a while)

The desire wand has a similar design to most of the wands that are available. The head is made out of a removable TPR blend. The ability to remove the head makes it easy to clean. Similar to many wands, the head is TPR and that is a porous material. I would recommend using a silicone attachment over this wand to avoid bacterial problems. Clitoral wand attachment available here.

Please bob wand next to vibratex wand and please desire wand

I believe this would be the perfect wand for someone who is uncertain about using a wand but want the aesthetic of it. I know before actually grasping the amazing strength of a wand I had seen it used in many porn videos. This wand has similar strength to my Please Satisfy Wand (a medium sized wand). It isn’t as extremely powerful as an original Magic wand, or a DOXY, but those are some of the strongest wands available. The price on this wand is part of the appeal of it. It is a rechargeable wand option for almost 1/3rd the price of the other options. Since I love pink this was a perfect option for me.

The vibration of the Desire wand is lower range than many full sized wands available, but is not lower than some full sized wands I have felt. It stays within the expected range of a large wand and it had a rumbly vibration that stimulates deeply. It has 10 total settings, 2 speeds: Low and High, and 8 pattern options. One of the benefits of using this wand over other wands is that it seems to be much lighter and easier to hold.

I chose the rechargeable wand over the plug in one which is also available for $28.95. The only drawback some people have about the rechargeable wand is that when it is plugged in it cannot be used. Honestly I have found the battery amazing. I have yet to charge it, and it has been used for approximately an hour and a half. It is strong enough that this was about 15 uses. Normally toys come about half charged to fully charged when they are received. I will always run my battery to zero before charging it the first time. I find it allows the battery to get properly charged. One thing I love about this wand is that when it is not being charged or used it has a plug in the charging port that protects the motor from having energy sent to it when it isn’t on, thus making the toy have a longer life. When the charging port is plugged the wand will not turn on, this is also good for travel.

I am happy to have this new option and it has become one of my go-to’s I love the rumbly vibes and ability to be used with most wand attachments. The battery is long lasting and that is perfect!


For $35.95 the Pink BOB Desire Rechargeable wand is a cost effective, lower strength full sized wand. It is great for someone who wants to experience a wand but worries they will find the pricey options too strong. This wand is extremely rumbly and stimulates deep into tissue. It is light enough to be easier to hold than other stronger options.

Let go,

Whimsy <3


Toy Review: Rainbow Rivetor – Small



I recieved the Rainbow Rivetor from Split Peaches in exchange for a honest, fair review.

Company: Split Peaches
Use: Vaginally & Anal
Material: 100% Platinum cured silicone
Size: 5.9″ circumference head (1 7/8″ across)
5.3″ circumference at shaft (1 5.5/8″ across)
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Colours available: Glow in the dark green, Glow in the dark blue, Rainbow, Metallic, Cream, Mint, Light Skin, Basic… All your heart desires, just ask.
Lube pairing: Water based lubricant (Such as: Sliquid H20)

Original Interest:

When I was choosing what product I would be interested in I came across the rivetor. The bumps of the rivetor appealed to me. Dongs often have bumps or lines to extra sensations during use. This toy was sure to provide plenty of stimulation. The design of the Rivetor is also curved and since I am a huge fan of all toys G-spot, I had to try it out.



10/10 Amazing initiative and discretion.

My Split Peaches order came in a small plain cardboard box, Just the way I like it. The only writing on the box was the shippers address (It didn’t even say Split Peaches) and my address.


Split Peaches Logo

Inside the box I found plenty of purple tissue papers marked with silver Split Peaches logos. Each toy was individually wrapped. The box also contained a cute shiny purple envelope with the words”Thank you for your order! Your peach was split by Andy” that contained my invoice and some stickers.


Once I unwrapped all the toys from the paper, I got to see the packaging. Split peaches products come in round clear cylinders that are strong enough to hold the product and not be flimsy. Along the top there is a tamper proof seal which lets you know this is the first time it has been opened. Once opened the seal breaks, but the lid still fits on. On the back of the packaging there is a sticker with care instructions.

The Company:

This was the most fun I have had working with a company since I started blogging. I talked with Andy for quite a bit before we decided on what toy would be right. He helped me compare my top 2 choices, and in the end I decided I needed a Rivetor. Andy is great and he takes advise really well, He just wants to make his customers happy. Split peaches is a company that listens to the customer and for that they get major kudos. Even the Rivetor is a product that was talked over and designed and redesigned. Originally having less bumps and a straight shaft.

Split Peaches is a new company and that gives the customer a real opportunity to communicate with them and share what they think would be a good toy, or next step for SP. In Canada they have yet to have an in-store presence, but I am sure with time Split Peaches will be a great staple for body safe silicone dongs. In Andy’s immortal words “If it’s not body safe I’m not making it”, I appreciate his dedication to body friendly toys.

Why choose Split Peaches:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Individual products (Like a fingerprint)
  • Body Safe
  • Colour choices
  • Great Prices
  • Shipped products make you feel like royalty
  • You can have your opinion heard!

Using the Rivetor:

I was so excited to try out the rivetor, this is my second non vibrating dong ever, and I had recently discovered I really liked them. Plus, It is RAINBOW, how could I not love that?


  • 100% Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Plenty of bumps for stimulation
  • Stable but has a nice squish to it
  • Strap on compatible
  • Steampunk theme


  • No suction cup option
  • The small size starts off at girth of 5.3″ circumference

(Luckily Andy is working on an extra small model with a 4.3″ circumference, Thanks Andy!)

Tip: With a larger toy (Or partner) than you are used to, start with clitoral stimulation and some porn to get things going, as women get more excited our vaginas release tension that can cause tightening.

Warm up was needed with this toy. When I tried it the first time I was probably a bit too pumped to try it out and didn’t warm up enough. I grabbed my Sliquid water based lube and tried it out. The issue was, despite it fitting it was too large for me to comfortably move. As I tried it out other times I eventually got to the point where I could properly use it. It took a lot of time to be ready for this toy.

My favourite features of this toy during use was, despite the girth being a bit much for my body the length was absolutely perfect. The bumps provided alot of sensation but since it was a bit larger than my body was prepared for I wasn’t able to enjoy them for long. I found myself spending more time trying to stay comfortable with the size then I could spend reviewing the feelings. For me, this is what I experienced.

Instead of trying to make myself feel the bumps I spent alot more time enjoying the feeling of fullness it provided. I would sometimes give in and move it slightly, and when I did it felt good. I had to accept that I didn’t need to move it fully in and out to get optimal enjoyment from it. Simply using the toy internally while I used my wand clitorally was a good experience.


If I have any advise for anyone who purchases this toy, is don’t have expectations of yourself. You’re human and we are all different, what one person likes, you may not, and there are more than one way to enjoy a toy. Andy is working on an extra small version so if you would prefer a smaller option there is that.

You would love this toy if:

  • They love the feeling of fullness
  • Enjoy broad G-spot stimulation
  • Are comfortable with larger toys

Tip: To get a good idea of toy sizes, you can measure out circumference by grabbing a tape measure finding the length and having zero connect to the inches of circumference forming a circle. This is the width of the toy.

Second Opinion:

If you want to hear from another blogger on her experience of the rivetor check out the review written by @curious_kitt here:


The Split Peaches Rivetor Rainbow in Small is available at for $50

Expand your horizons,

Whimsy <3

split peaches banner

Toy Review: Please Mini Wand


Comes with a soft storage bag and charger cord. Has a beautiful design.


  • Silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Intense Rumbly Vibes


  • Not as powerful as large wand (DOXY or Magic Wand)
  • Can be too strong for certain people
  • Not for use of magic wand extentions

This was my first wand I have ever owned, and I absolutely love it! It is very strong and rumbly and everything I expected it to be. I needed this in my life. It isn’t as strong as a magic wand or DOXY.

I absolutely loved to use it clitorally, when combined with the Tantus Slicks I got recently it was a match made in heaven. The intense clitoral stimulation was great for helping swell the g-spot causing amazing sensation from my internal toys.

This toy has the intensity of the low-medium setting on the large wands. It is a rumbly as apposed to buzzy.  It is so strong that after a minute or two of use it feels overwhelming, and direct contact with the clitorous can be too much, verging on painful (but honestly I like it?). Luckily the wand has  8 different vibration intensitys. If the highest intensity vibration isn’t for you, then you can just click the button to a lower setting (I’ll be real, I rarely stray from the strongest setting)

I have seen many “mini wands” fall short on vibration and rumblyness. I am so happy to say this one did not fail me. Truthfully, I still want to try a stronger wand, but this one provided me long awaited orgasms. If you have read any of my other posts you may have noticed I don’t throw around the word orgasm. Truthfully, it takes a lot to get me off, this is why I gave in and made this purchase. It was definately worth it.

If you are choosing between mini-wands I recommend this one, it is rumbly and intense like a wand should be. It also has a reasonably sized head for stimulation. I have seen many wands fail to be intense as is expected from a wand.

The please wand has 8 intensitys. They do not change by much, to the point that when I originally bought it I thought it was defective until I realized that the 8th setting was much lower than the 1st. It comes with 20 different pulsation options, one being a solid vibe, you’re sure to find one or two you like. The short fast vibes sent an electric feeling through my body everytime it pulsed, I enjoyed this feeling, although my favourite and go to is a solid vibration.

Noise: 3/5 Drums

Vibration: Rumbly 4/5

Modes: 5/5

Battery: 4/5

Do not use with silicone lube. Use only waterbased.

I thought I was a wand girl, and this toy let me explore that and find out it was true. I still want to get a DOXY or magic wand, but this has become my go to toy for all alone time. If you are looking for a everybody friendly wand, Tantus inc. has made a lightweight ergonomicly designed wand called the Tantus Rumble.

If you prefer a strong buzzy sensation check out the We-Vibe Tango or the Jimmy Jane form 2.

Free the orgasm,

Whimsy <3

Toy Review: Tantus Slick

I received the small and large slick by Tantus in exchange for an honest unbiased review. 

Tantus Slick



  • Dual Density Silicone (Feels real)
  • Solid inner code with soft outer silicone layer
  • Strap on compatible
  • G-spot curve / P-spot curve
  • 2 size options
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suction cup compatible
  • No vibration

This was my first experience with a non vibrating dong…

And I think I’ve fallen in love.

Dual density silicone is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Tantus’ silicone is second to none to begin with. The invention of dual density silicone solves an important problem, people who choose porous jelly over silicone because of the squishy aspect of it. Before I knew much about sex toys, and Tantus, I couldn’t believe that dual density silicone was real silicone. Lucky it is, and I am grateful for such luxurious body friendly options. I got spoiled my this product, it’s hard to imagine going back to vibrating toys, as well as to any non dual density silicone.


It turns out I love both of these, small and large. They are both curved with a pronounced “head” that adds sensation.

The Tantus Slick quickly became one of my favourite toys for internal stimulation, if not my absolute favourite. It has definitely become my go-to toy.

No matter how well you get to know your body there is always something new to try out, this toy review is a prime example of how I was pretty sure I needed internal vibration to orgasm, and was proved wrong. I did use clitoral stimulation to increase the sensitivity of my g-spot (recommended for anyone who wants a g-spot orgasm). I squirted which is something I have never done on my own before.


The Tantus Slick small is great for anyone who prefers thinner shorter dongs, that penetrate the g-spot area. It feels just as good as the large version, the only difference being the large provides a feeling of fullness that many people enjoy.

The Tantus raised letters on each Tantus Slick made it easy to make sure the curve of the Slick was hitting the right spots.

Last but not least the Dual Density silicone provides a semi solid core (so it isnt limp) with a soft outer silicone layer. This is an amazing feature of this toy.


There are many ways to clean Tantus toys:

  • Boil them to clean and sanitize
  • Use hypoallergenic soap and water and rinse
  • Use toy cleaner
  • Place in dishwasher (I don’t recommend this as dish washers tend to hold bacteria)
  • You can bleach it, but you don’t need to.

Wrap Up:

This toy is perfect for anyone who is trying out a dong for the first time, or is moving from a jelly toy to a body safe option. The squishyness is excellent and if your used to Jelly you will absolutely love this. No smells, super easy to clean and feels amazing beyond belief.

If you like the feeling of fullness go with the large slick. I personally enjoyed “warming up” with the small slick, and then going for the larger one. As a woman gets turned on her vaginal muscles relax, that is why at first some toys seem like a challenge and later on are no big deal. Both these sizes provided intense g-spot stimulation.

For Anal use:

I recommend starting off with the small slick, It has a great shape for prostate stimulation. It is great for use with a strap on, and the dual density silicone provides amazing sensation


Material: 10/10
Stimulation 8.9/10 (It wasn’t a crazy amount of curves or bumps, but dual density is amazing)

If I could have added anything to this toy I would add a suction cup, But there are always other Tantus products that have that.

Self Discover,
Whimsy Fai. <3

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Toy Review: MyStim Electric Eric BLACK EDITION


About a month ago I wrote a post called “My Dream Toys” where Electric Eric was featured as my 3rd dream toy. As a person who follows her dreams, I reached out to MyStim and asked them about doing a review for them.

So… Without further to do…

I received the MyStim Electric Eric BLACK EDITION for free from MyStim in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

First Impressions:

Upon receiving the Electric Eric, The first thing I did was admire the packaging. The box contained a black hard case with a zipper. In the zippered case lay the Electric Eric, A magnetic charger shaped to fit perfectly onto the MyStim logo on the front of the vibrator, a little manual, conducive gel, and water based lube. The new look of the black edition electric Eric is way sleeker than the regular black and white version.

Turning it on, I walked into the party my roommate was having and started a game of: “What intensity can you hold onto the dildo with your hands?” 2/7 people only held on to the dildo until it was at setting 7, the rest of the room clenched their teeth and held on until at setting 10. Seeing as I was one of the wimps who bailed at 7. I was a bit nervous to test it out properly, at the same time, I couldn’t wait.


The Real Test:

The instructions are simple:

  • Insert toy before turning on e-stim function, this allows you to achieve best intensity, and make sure to turn off e-stim before removal
  • If you have an electric/metal implant and/or heart problems or arrhythmia consult a doctor first
  • Read the manual before use

Alright. Go time.

  1. Put lube on toy
  2. Place toy in vagina
  3. Turn e-stim on
  4. Question what I got myself into
  5. Turned it up slowly… all the way to 10

Despite being unable to go past 7 while holding it in my hand, I was pretty quickly able to bring the e-stim up to 10 while inside me. The sensation of e-stim is one of the hardest things to describe. E-stim lets you feel your muscles contract, I think my favourite modes were the escalating option, this was a favourite because it allowed you to really feel the e-stim in action.

As for Vibration:

I would give this toy a 6/10 on the vibration scale, it was very similar to the vibration intensity of my Aria Lotus Flutter, yet rumbly as apposed to buzzy. The Electric Eric has 2 vibrating motors, one near the tip and one closer to the middle. When vibration was used as well as e-stim that was my favourite, especially the kegal exercise function.


  • Made from silicone
  • Great introductory estim toy
  • Rechargeable
  • Vibration option (2 vibrating motors)
  • Kegal exerciser
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • 3 hour battery life on high settings (True story)
  • No visible metal pads (they are somehow under the silicone)
  • Waterproof


  • Kegal setting can be hard to find (Press the e-stim button 6 times until light goes green)
  • Vibration is a moderate intensity

This toy charges using a magnetic USB charger. You don’t need anything extra to make the toy work, unlike some e-stim toys you do not need a electrostimulation device or wires. Such an amazing toy for the adventurous toy user.

Does it hurt?

The simple answer is no. It feels different, and you have control over what e-stim setting you like it at. For me, even at the highest setting it was tingly and provided nice feeling muscle contractions.


Kegal Program:


This is my favourite setting, especially when you add in vibration. I actually really loved this function. Not only am I bettering my vaginal health, but it feels amazing.

To get to this function press the e-stim button and go to the 6th option. The light will change to a green colour to tell you it is on. Turn up e-stim to desired setting once in this mode. Either use vibration, or don’t, your choice. To leave this mode press the e-stim button, or press and hold to turn off e-stim all together.


To clean you can use toy cleaner wait 3 minutes and rinse off. This is my preferred method. If you don’t own toy cleaner you can use a hypoallergenic antibacterial soap. Always let air dry.

Purchasing Information:

If you are interested in purchasing the Electric Eric by mystim Wicked Butterfly sells the original here.

For the black edition visit Mystim here.

Adventure on,

Whimsy Fai <3

Toy Review: Aria Lotus Flutter


I received this toy from Blush Novelties for free in exchange for an honest review.


  • Pure silicone
  • Hard plastic base
  • Battery Operated
  • 5 year Global warranty
  • Dual vibration (Clitoral and G-spot)
  • Waterproof


  • Length: 7.25 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.25 inches
  • Width: 1.79 inches
  • Product Weight (without package): 5.4 ounces





  • Body Safe Silicone
  • 5 year global warranty
  • Lotus shaped clitoral stimulator provides wide area of sensation
  • Internal and External Vibration
  • Fun colours


  • Average vibration.
  • Battery Operated (I prefer rechargeable but this toy is great when my others need to be charged)


  • Base of box can slide out from bottom
  • Buzzy vibration instead of deep
  • Indiscreet Shipping Box: Brown cardboard box with BLUSH NOVELTYS written on the side.

Vibration intensity: 3/5

This toy was also available previously in different colours under Blush Novelties OM line. 

When the Aria Lotus Flutter arrived I didn’t think I would like it, but it turned out to provide amazing clitoral sensation and have quite a pleasant shape and sensation. The length was great for G-spot stimulation. The shape also provided stimulation from clitorous to labia to entrance to G-spot.

I am a magic wand type of girl and someone who loves intense vibration making this toy not right for me. I’d prefer a stronger vibration, this toy provides a light to medium-strong vibration. If I don’t expect to orgasm I will use this toy and just enjoy what it has to offer, but it isn’t my go-to.

Toy shape 4.5/5

The best qualities of this toy are its material and shape. The downside of it are its moderate vibration (not low speed, but not enough for someone who likes intensity). This toy is a winner for anyone who is new to rabbit vibes, doesn’t require strong vibration, and prefers the ability to put new batteries in their toy and go.

This toy wasn’t the one for me, but is still a nice beginner toy. If I didn’t rely on the intense vibration of rabbits, this toy might’ve done it for me.

For people like me who need strong vibration and a rechargable option, I suggest the Vilain Cecile or for a non branch vibe the Vilain Audre.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Use a water-based lube, grab some AAA batteries, and toy cleaner and your ready to enjoy.

Until next time,

Whimsy Fai <3


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