Actually it’s more like Miss Fai and her vagina to Narnia.

Recently I got back together with a partner from years ago. One of the long dreamt about fantasies was her using a strap on, on me. She had 2, one was a jelly double ended dildo, and the other was the silicone Tantus Feeldoe. When I got there her silicone toy was forgotten at the old house she was previously living at, and so the only option was the jelly toy, or no strap on. Curious what the fantasy would live out like, I let go of my strong views on jelly and my mind was absolutely blown.

For the first time ever my A-spot was stimulated. Over and over and over. As I got hornier and wetter I wanted deeper stimulation. I was unaware of how much of our double ended dildo that I was actually taking. Later she told me that about 10-11 inches of the toy were inserted. Holy shit! I was clearly embarrassed by my own bodies ability. But the reality is that it is normal for the vagina to increase in length when arroused. I heard this fact going through my head as I calmed down my embarrassment. She was amazed, and more impressed than anything.

I had such an amazing time with this toy that I continued to use it, despite the material, telling myself we would find a silicone alternative after my vacation. As I went to the Canadian and US sites to look for options I was filled with disappointment as all I could find were toys that were shaped completely different, or were made of jelly. In one case the toy was perfectly shaped, silicone, but way too small.

I took to Twitter to ask my fellow bloggers where I could get a silicone version.

IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5647

Luckily, as I had hoped, 4 great bloggers came to my rescue: @NatandTom_ @randomredrose @lil_bruises @juvenileadult They all suggested the 12 or 16 inch silicone option from Bondara, A UK based store that ships to Canada for about $10 CAD. The total CAD cost including shipping was $45 which is an amazing price.


I don’t have any connection to Bondara and gain nothing by letting you all know about them, but I am so greatful that there is a body safe option, and certain I am not the only person looking for this specific item, that I wanted to let other people know.

If you would like to check out these dongs there are links below:

12 inch double dong from Bondara

16 inch double dong from Bondara

I look forward to recieving and trying the silicone option, and will be sure to review it once I have recieved it. I know my partner is amazing with this shape. I always used to think that other options were better, and if I had never of had this experience I may of stayed in ignorance for longer. As I have known forever, everyone is different, every body has different needs, every couple has different fantasies and wishes. Who am I to tell you what works best for your situation?

All my love,


Whimsy Fai the Fairie