All about: ANAL ;)


Three simple tips for couples:

  1. Lube
  2. Go slow
  3. Communicate

If it hurts stop.

Use a condom to prevent STI’s, they are more likely to happen in the anus because of the thin walls. Another safety precaution for rimming an anus is to use a dental dam. Safety first.


Tips for Beginners:

Always use a toy safe for anal use. Throughout my time working at a sex toy store I’ve heard of many people using a typical vibrator for anal use don’t do it. Any anal toy needs a flair at the end or a very long handle. The inner sphincter likes to steal sex toys. And onces its gone you might wanna start preparing your speech for the emergency doctor, pray they’re not too cute cause that’s the only way your getting it out.

Whether doing anal with a partner or solo lube will save your ass. Literally. You will need lube, and lots of it. The best lube to use for anal is a silicone based one. I recommend ID backslide or WET Platinum.

Start with a toy a bit bigger than a finger, any smaller and you’ll be back at the store sooner than you expected.


What makes an anal toy safe:

  • Flaired end or long handle, preventing the inner sphincter from sucking the toy into anal cavity.
  • Made of a material that wont break/doesnt have peices that can come apart.


Anal beads:

These are a great addition to the sex life of any woman who is comfortable with possibly doing anal. They can add to the sensations of fullness, and can be pulled out slowly during orgasm to increase length and strength of orgasm.

Do not use Kegal beads in anus. Sphincter steals things. 


Anal Plugs:

Size: Start with one a bit bigger than your finger, then use your own preferences to decide what works best for you.

Vibration and no vibration – Vibrating anal toys are suggested for men, but some women prefer it.

Prostate Stimulation – These toys are curved to stimulate the prostate in men. Women do not have prostates. It is found 2-3 inches inside the anus, on the same side as the belly button.


Anal lube: 

As long as your not using a silicone toy your best bet it to go with a silicone based lube. If you are using a silicone toy you can use any hybrid lube that is safe for silicone or you can use a thick water based lube or an anal specific water based lube.

DO NOT USE AN OIL BASED LUBE, especially with condoms.


Suggested lubes:

Silicone: ID Backslide

Hybrid: Sliquid silk, Fuck Water Hybrid Water based

Water Based: WET Uranus

On Desensitizers:

For your first few times avoid using a desensitizer. It is important to know if it is hurting. A little pain at first is normal, but if it honestly hurts you want to prevent a fissure.