Toy Review: Wake up vibe

Let the utter disappointment begin to spill out as I write this review…

This seemed like a great idea. Natural wake up, possibly leading to an hour of other toys, silicone body, and rechargable. Hell I can understand coffee people a bit more now.

But… No.

Day 1: alarm went off in WRONG PLACE. Not to mention I had to wear underwear to bed… Sigh.

Day 2: Alarm didn’t go off – thank you iPhone for waking me.

Day 3: *refer to day 2*

Day 4: Went to place in underwear night before and couldn’t be bothered by the annoyingness of it. Woke up to it vibrating on the floor next to my head, thus ending my alarm clock experiment.


OK, So the alarm clock isn’t that great, but it still has a strong vibration and charges.



Use as clitoral stimulation tool.

Dear inventors of wake up vibe – who crushed your dreams?

Other than the fact it doesn’t have a solid constant vibration option this is a viable use for this toy. If I have no battery’s or all my clitoral stimulators are messed and my hand is broken, I’ll remember you wake up vibe.



  • Shaped well to body
  • Silicone
  • Rechargable
  • Alarm feature (just let it vibrate on the floor next to you, that works best)
  • Clock
  • Multiple pulsating functions


  • Pain in the ass to wear
  • Moves during sleep
  • Didn’t go off 2/4 mornings
  • A bit of a pain to program
  • No solid vibration function
  • No snooze button