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Tributes: Verification for Financial Submissives

We all come across it. A person identifying as a financial submissive with the username “PayPig21” “FinsubRich” They show up in your dm’s: “Hello Goddess” a seemingly respectful first message. So you send your payment info cause they clearly couldn’t read the 100’s of times you had it posted on your page, and they reply “I’ve been scammed before and want to talk first” or “I don’t know if your right for me” and here is where my conversation ends, because I am verified on AVN and OnlyFans, and you are verified no where. My page has plenty of indications about the kind of dominatrix I am, and a genuine finsub finds sending hot, so you’re not going to have a problem sending the $25 it costs to verify your willingness to serve me.

“Hello Goddess”

Lurk my page, learn what I’m like, read what information I provide, and make a decision. A tribute wont kill you, and it may being you into the most rewarding dom/sub relationship you’ve ever been in. Know what you want, and be prepared to cash verify yourself. Screenshots of “conversations” with “other dommes” or sent money tells me nothing.

Lets talk about what you need after we verify your age and status as a finsub. Not before. I have enough “hello goddess” messages to start a cult. I don’t want you if you wanna waste my time.

Tribute to serve,
Goddess Whimsy