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Toy Review: XS Rivetor

The XS vs. small
The XS vs. small


Thank you to SplitPeaches for this great dong in exchange for an honest review.

Comparison to Small:

Review of Small SplitPeaches Rivetor here

I previously reviewed the SplitPeaches small rivetor a couple months ago. It became appearent that it was just too large for my body to get to completely enjoy all of its great features. I loved the toy, completely body safe made from premium silicone, I really wished it had worked for me.

Thankfully, Andy is the world’s best troubleshooter, and using some suggestions from a couple bloggers and I; we managed to create a smaller version.

My favourite thing about the original small rivetor was that when it did get fully in me, the length was ABSOLUTELY perfect. Andy took this into account, and as you can see in the above photo it is the same length as the small version.

Andy changed the circumference and now this is the perfect toy! The bumps feel absolutely amazing and twisting in brings a rush of sensation that I am greatful I didn’t have to miss out on.

This new version is also much better sized for intermediate peggers, or people wishing to use it anally. Since it is silicone you can boil it to sanitize it making it great for where ever you prefer.


All SplitPeaches products are silicone. Silicone is body safe and able to be sanitized by boiling. With proper care a silicone toy can be a lifelong product. It is important that any silicone lubricant is NOT used on it, as this will affect the material the toy is made of.


Boil, bleach, or use soap and water or toy cleaner. Silicone is super easy to clean and can be completely sanitized.


The rivetor is curved to provide G-spot stimulation. It has many bumps along the shaft that provide a thrilling sensation when moved in and out, or turned. The thick nut shaped base is great for controlling the toy. The base also makes it anal safe and this toy could be used with many strap on systems.


One of my favourite things about SplitPeaches products is the variety of colours available: Rainbow, Glowgasm, Metallic, half and half and all the basics colours.

More about SplitPeaches:

SplitPeaches is a company owned by Andy. He works his butt off and gets noticed by many great sites, such as SheVibe and Amazon. All of the SplitPeaches products are available on the website

SplitPeaches is great for listening to peoples advise and creating products that appeal to his fan base. The owner is very people centric and is an amazing guy to talk to. The company has an amazing quality control system for sending out products and Andy likes to make sure people are happy with everything. If you have some ideas you can let me know at and I will pass it along or DM @SplitPeaches directly on Twitter.



Rated: 4.5/5

Body Safe Silicone

Strap on Compatible

Anal Safe

Use: Waterbased lubricant (Sliquid Sassy)

Do NOT use: Silicone lubricant

Non vibrating


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