Toy Review: Split Peaches Grenade Butt Plug

I recieved this Rainbow Grenade butt plug from Split Peaches in exchange for an honest unbais review.

Plug on Right, compared to pop can.

Ahh another review of one of my favourite hand poured silicone toy companies, Split Peaches. 

Andy is the owner of Split Peaches, and while we were talking about receiving my Rivetor for review he sent me a photo of a beautiful rainbow butt plug he had made me. I can assume he noticed that I had previously reviewed a jelly plug and didn’t mind butt stuff (Actually I love it). Thanks for the body safe toy Andy.

Material: Platinum Cured Silicone

Measurements: 1 5/8″ Diameter

Use: Anal

Colours: Almost any including metallic, rainbow, half and half, and glow in the dark.

Country: USA & proud

Lube Pairing: Water based or hybrid (Suggested: Sliquid Sassy)



Andy gave me a heads up before he sent off this gorgeous plug. He takes a photo of each order just before it gets placed in the box and shipped off to the customer. As he says the company isn’t about to “ship it and forget it”, and they love customer feedback so they know how they can improve on every single customer experience.

Andy told me what part of the process my toys were in at every step of the way. When they were in the mould I knew as he excitedly told me that they would soon be coming out of the mould and they were almost done. He took photos of the toys and sent them to me.

When my toys got shipped out I recieved a tracking number, because I am Canadian and customs likes to stop all my packages at the border and try and charge me taxes, I waited about a week and a half to recieve this toy.



Upon receiving I noticed the box had no markings on it and even the paper on the box didn’t say SplitPeaches on it. This may of been the most discreet shipping I have ever seen. As I opened it peices of purple tissue papers marked SP in silver writing got thrown out of the box as I went looking for my toys. When I got to them they were also wrapped perfectly in the tissue paper. I ripped it open and there they were, in clear containers (perfect for my display case).

The top and bottom of the packaging of my butt plug had a tamper proof seal to let me know no one had opened my toy (customs *cough*). I was sad to have to ruin the beautiful rainbow seal.


One of my favourite parts of the packaging was the care instructions on the back. This is an awesome feature as sometimes people forget what the person at the store told them they could and couldn’t do, or they are in a rush and are trying to remember if they can use silicone lube on a silicone toy.

What I like about butt stuff:

Some people hate it, and others love it. I personally get awesome sensation from it. Its a fullness that I prefer over vaginal fullness and I find clitoral stimulation with it to be amazing. My favourite anal toys are butt plugs that dip before the flair so they stay in easier. I don’t use butt plugs to orgasm, but rather to increase the level of enjoyment I get from other sexual acts.


This toy is awesome for intermediate users. It is not a blug for beginners, and is best suitable for a person with experience who is ready for a slightly larger plug. If you are new to anal play, check out this guide.

The grenade is perfectly shaped so that it stays in during sex or masturbation. As an intermediate butt plug user, I used the simple techniques to comfortably place the butt plug in. I placed some water based lubricant on me and the toy, relaxed, and eased it in. Once in the plug feels comfortable and stays in easily.

This plug is perfect (dare I say; the bomb), even if you want to walk around with it in. I used the grenade in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. Its hard to describe the sensation of a plug. You can use a butt plug alone, or with a partner. They move slighty during play and it adds extra sensation. Women don’t have a prostate like men, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy butt stuff. If you are a guy, you benefit from the prostate which is similar to the womans g-spot. This makes anal toys and stimulation a different experience for men that many enjoy.


  • Premium Silicone
  • Will not take in bacteria
  • Does not fall out
  • Great shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for beginners
  • Round tip

Cleaning Options:

  • Use toy cleaner, wait 3 minutes and rinse off and let air dry
  • Place in boiling water for 5 minutes (let cool down before use)
  • Throw in dishwasher
  • Use hypoallergenic soap and water, rinse and let air dry


Intermediate plug, not for beginners.

Body Safe platinum silicone will not take in bacteria

Do not use silicone lube on this toy.

Doesn’t fall out

Clean using prefered method (Suggested: Antibacterial toy cleaner)


If you want to purchase a SplitPeaches Grenade you can get yours at SplitPeaches.com

Enjoy exploring,

~ Whimsy <3

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