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Toy Review: LOE Kegal Ball Set



This is the set I chose to be my first ever Kegal set. The benefits of Kegal exercisers are numberous and I wanted to experience it.

As kegal balls regained popularity with 50 shades, I would like to say, either Anastasia had started off with a sex to tighten her kegal muscles or she somehow had amazingly strong kegal muscles to being with. The way its portrayed in 50 shades isn’t the way most women can use them in the beginning.

A beginner of Kegal balls should first use:

  • Larger slightly weighted balls – The size makes it easier to hold onto, while the weight makes it an exercise to keep the balls in.
  • The balls shouldn’t be too large
  • Never start with small heavy metal balls

Benefits of Kegal exercises:

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles (no more accidentally urination)
  • Tighten vagina
  • Increases ability to have strong orgasms
  • Get to know body better
  • The natural vibration of Kegal balls can provide pleasure

About LOE:


  • Balls and holder are both made out of non porous body safe silicone
  • The weight is perfect for beginners
  • Slowly work towards use of smaller Kegal balls
  • Two different weight and size options


  • I found the larger balls to be too large for me, they tried to fall out because of lack of room for them.
  • Drastic size difference between bigger and smaller kegal balls

I don’t regret getting this set as my first ever set, but if I were to but another set I would probably buy the LELO kegal set, or Geisha Balls.