Toy Review: Gvibe 2

I recieved the G-vibe 2 from Fun Toys in exchange for an honest unbias review.

G-vibe 2 and G-Balls (coming soon)

Material: Premium Class Medical Silicone

Company: Fun Toys

Use: Multi Versitile: Clitoral, Vaginal, Anal, Nipples, Rabbit, DP, and Teasing.

Colour: Blue (Also available in Black and purple)

Vibration: 3 motors (Strength: 4.5 out of 5)

Water resistance: Waterproof

Batteries: Rechargeable (Lasts up to: 4 hours), magnetic charger.

Warrentee: 1 year

Lube Pairing: Water based or a silicone safe hybrid lubricant (Suggested: Sliquid Sassy)

Diagram of location of vibrating motors
Diagram of location of vibrating motors

Initial Interest:

I have been eyeing the G-vibe 2 for about three months, the idea behind it sounded amazing. The curve of the toy seemed like  a great idea. Two vibrating silicone branches that curved to assure that the vaginal wall would be hit. As it states on the website “Gives feeling of fullness without stretching entrance”* I was really curious about its potential g-spot use.

* I just want to let every lady know that the vagina is like an elastic, it goes back to normal. When aroused it relaxes and loosens.

 I loved the vibration on this toy, One of my favourite things to do with it is placing it against my throat and sounding like a robot when I speak, is that so wrong? Not to mention after about an hour and a half of charging it lasts well over 4 hours.


The Gvibe is versatile and this is the best feature of it. It is great for getting to know what you really like. It took me plenty of testing to discover what I really loved about this toy, and what would keep me coming back to it as a regular toy.



The diagram above shows what was the use I was most excited about. For me, this use felt unpleasant. I didnt feel able to move as much as I usually like to. This was a downer and because I had pumped this use up in my head so much, i stopped using it for a week, until I gave it another shot.



I had tried to use it all the suggested ways and realized that the versatility was what made this toy a great toy. It isn’t a rabbit, or a dildo, its not for clitoral use only. This toy screams; “Do whatecer you can dream up!” So I did. I had to let go of the obvious uses, this toy has more versatility than just the basic uses. So I got creative.

My favourite way to use the Gvibe 2

This way is perfect for me. The motor in the shaft before the split of the toy hits the clit, and one of the branches goes interally and hits the G-spot. This way of using it made this toy go from meh, to awesome. For me, it is an easy way to feel like I am being fingered, this is one of my favourite parts about sex, aside from oral.  Despite the fact that the suggested ways weren’t right for me, it just took a bit of exploring to figure out what WAS right for me. That is part of what self love is all about, getting to know your body and what you truly enjoy.

This is the first toy to beable to truely give me the feeling of fingering, specifically hitting my g-spot. It didnt do it in the way I expected, but when I finally found my perfect rhythm it was amazing!

Other uses: 

image imageimageimage image

Basically, Get creative, My favourite part about this toy was that it urged you to explore every different use. Don’t be shy, use it for forplay. Let yourself have fun. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Embrace your imagination.


This toy took alot of trial and error before I discovered what I liked most about it. It has become one of my favourite toys that I own and I am glad I took the time to try new things. This toy isn’t for beginners, and the more creative you get with it the better the results. If you are looking for a toy to get to experiment and learn more about youe body then this is the toy for you.

Battery note: I have owned this toy for almost a month with use as I wished and it just died yesterday. This battery is amazing, for me it continued to live beyond the 4 hours stated. With such a great vibration this toy amazed me in the battery power.


Much love,

Whimsy Fai <3