Toy Review: California Exotics Coco licious Rechargeable Dual Wand

Update (05/09/2016): California Exotics reached out to me on Twitter and asked me to email one of their employees. I asked how someone could go about a warranty claim and asked if I had taken the right steps. In March California Exotics was going through an email change and many emails were lost in transition. However she did provide me with the warranty form to place here. I discovered from this form that the only California Exotic toys that have a one year warranty are silhouette and vivid raw products, my toy had a 30 day warranty. (Vibetronics warranty form on bottom of review, along with additional warranty information)

Update (05/07/2016): I purchased this toy in December 2015 – after 4 months of owning it, the toy’s battery would only hold a charge for 30 seconds. I contacted Vibetronics and California Exotics about my one year warranty and it has been about a month since contacting both companies and have yet to receive any response. I am disappointed with this part of the customer service experience.


This toy is probably one of my favourite reasonably priced toys. It is made from Pure Silicone, It’s rechargeable, Completely waterproof, and comes with a (Update: 30 Day) warranty from California Exotics.


  • What I mentioned above
  • The shape (GREAT for G-Spot stimulation)
  • Body safe material
  • STRONG vibration in both motors
  • 7 different settings to choose from (3 of which are solid non pulsing)
  • Wonderful toy for exploration of your kitty


  • I kept accidentally hitting the off button when I meant to hit the setting button
  • The clitoral stimulator is sometimes too short to hit the clit, Luckily it is strong enough to go through your fingers if they just so happen to get in the way
  • No “Natural” movement to it

Fully charged battery lasts about 2-3 uses

About the warranty:

Make sure to register your toy at and keep your registration code safe.
Silhouette and VIVID Raw products have a one year warranty. This product has a 30 day warranty.

Update (05/09/2016) Vibetronics Warranty Information Form