The Similarities of Squirting and tears.

View of the water.


I recently returned back home after 14 days of inner exploration. Coming back home was a big shock. While I was there I didn’t get to masturbate, but I learned how to cry. I found similarities between being vulnerable with my emotions, as there are with being vulnerable sexually.

Everyone has area’s that come easier to them. For me, talking about sexuality is a breeze, I love it and openly share about it. For others, this may not be the case. While away, I found myself uncomfortable with others, and my emotions. This seemed similar to how some people shun talks of sexuality. It just feels uncomfortable to them.

I spend a long time thinking about my next post. Originally when I left I had thought my next blog would be about my 14 day hiatus from sex toys, and maybe that will be the case in the near future, but now is time to open up to you. The people of the internet, just enough to talk about squirting and it’s relationship to tears.

How are they similar?

Firstly, Squirting and/or tears come naturally to some people, yet for others are a learning curve. When I first started trying to learn how to have female ejaculate I found often I would get close but hold back, it was only after realizing I needed to let it happen in order to gush that I learned how. Similarily it reminds me of my current battle with allowing myself to cry. When something sad happens, I find myself feeling the tears surfacing, and in the same breath stopping them from flooding my eyes. I know that if I let go, and let it happen, it will, and does end eventually. I will feel better having done it.

Secondly, Both have an afterglow that feels mellow and warm. Orgasm’s provide me with this afterglow which people are generally familiar with. The same goes for tears, after a good emotional release, I feel a sense of calm and relief.

Third, A certain level of vulnerability is required especially when around others. Sex can feel uncomfortable, especially when with someone for the first time. “Am I doing this right for them?”, “How does my body look?”, and “What if I sound weird when I orgasm.” Such sentences that dance in my head. Crying can be such a hard thing to do. It can come at the worst of times. Frequently I will think familiar statements; “My face looks puffy!”, “What will people think of me.”, and “What is that sound?.”

Lastly, they are both completely natural and good for us. They don’t last forever, and they will always teach us something about our body and minds. You don’t need to share all of yourself with all people. We all have people we trust to talk to or enjoy sex with, and those people are different for everyone. You are the only one who can be a true guide to happy, trusting people.


Emotional and sexual health are connected. We can’t neglect one without loosing an important part of the other. Getting to know ourselves is important and knowing our feelings, both in generalitys and during sex is an important piece to understand our limits, boundaries and providing consent. Sex is fun, let yourself be vulnerable and don’t hold yourself back. Be with someone you can trust. Be true to your emotions. Everyone is on their own journey. Follow your path.

Be yourself, love yourself, trust yourself,

Whimsy Fai <3

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