Sliquid Organics stimulating O gel



  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Paraben and Glycerin free
  • Clitoral and G-spot stim cream
  • Sugar free

One of my favourite lube brands is Sliquid. They really care about the consumer and use ingredients that are body friendly. This is why I chose Sliquid over all the other stimulating gels. I spend quite some time online looking at reviews of other stimulating products and what I found was lacking. Sliquid was one of the only products that had positive reviews on it.

My first try:

On the first time using it I didn’t like it. I am not sensitive and I didn’t notice much sensation from it at all. In this use I used 2 vibrating toys and had no “control” to compare it to.

Second chance:

When I received my first ever non vibrating dong, I decided to give Sliquid another shot. This time without vibration. I used my toy alone as a “control” so I could feel the difference between with and without and I noticed that I could definitely notice the peppermint tingle this time, Both clitorally and g-spot.

So, it is possible the vibration just numbed me out so much in the first attempt that I didn’t manage to feel the difference. Also, not being sensitive is another reason.

I’ve read and heard many reviews of other stimulating creams and getting overstimulated (Or as some describe, having a burning sensation) seems to be a relatively common problem. If this has happened to you then Sliquid would be a great solution. It uses peppermint to produce it’s tingling effect and the amount of stimulation you feel wont be overwhelming.

What I learned from use:

  • Light – Med stimulation (Cooling, Tingling)
  • Not sticky!
  • Smells awesome

If you decide to try any gel:

  • Use only tear-drop amount to start and add more as necessary. You can always put more on but getting it off isn’t as easy
  • Make sure if your using silicone toys you use a water based stimulating gel (Hello Sliquid!)
  • Check out the ingredients, if it has glycerin or sugar it will be sticky, l’arginine is a blood vessel dilator that isn’t good if you have had any heart problems.
  • As for ingredients, Sliquid is totally safe.


This gel provides a light-med stimulation. It would be best suited for people with sensitive parts who are hoping to spice things up or get to know themselves better. If you have ever found a cream or gel overstimulating this one is a safe bet. Start off with a tear drop amount and add more as needed. Body safe, all natural, organic ingredients, won’t irritate skin.