Lubricant, Women's Health

Sliquid Oceanics Infusion Botanique Lubricant


Sliquid lived up to all my expectations and more.

I used this for solo play, as I do find lubricant makes solo time much more pleasurable.

For solo use, it didn’t dry out on me, using less than a dime sized amount worked for an hour or so of use.

Sliquid is amazing for its natural qualities. There are no cancer causing chemicals or synthetics. It is very body friendly. I have suggested it for many women, because I have been able to check out the slippery-ness and what it feels like when dry, so I fully trusted it. So I figured it was time to put it to the test for myself.



  • Organic ?
  • Natural ingredients ?
  • Stayed slippery for as long as I needed it without using much
  • Safe for all toys
  • Safe for condoms
  • Vegan ?
  • Great PH for fertility (6.7)


  • Due to water based nature, will dry out faster than silicone lube; thus making it less optimal for anal.


I love this lube, it is my favourite. When it dries it moisturizes the skin, I have tried this with all water based Sliquid products, there is no stickyness at any point and dries into skin leaving it feel like it was never there. The best part of this lube is that it is so natural I actually feel good about using it.

Thank you Sliquid for caring about my body.

Never stop learning,

~Whimsy <3