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Toy Review: MyStim Electric Eric BLACK EDITION


About a month ago I wrote a post called “My Dream Toys” where Electric Eric was featured as my 3rd dream toy. As a person who follows her dreams, I reached out to MyStim and asked them about doing a review for them.

So… Without further to do…

I received the MyStim Electric Eric BLACK EDITION for free from MyStim in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

First Impressions:

Upon receiving the Electric Eric, The first thing I did was admire the packaging. The box contained a black hard case with a zipper. In the zippered case lay the Electric Eric, A magnetic charger shaped to fit perfectly onto the MyStim logo on the front of the vibrator, a little manual, conducive gel, and water based lube. The new look of the black edition electric Eric is way sleeker than the regular black and white version.

Turning it on, I walked into the party my roommate was having and started a game of: “What intensity can you hold onto the dildo with your hands?” 2/7 people only held on to the dildo until it was at setting 7, the rest of the room clenched their teeth and held on until at setting 10. Seeing as I was one of the wimps who bailed at 7. I was a bit nervous to test it out properly, at the same time, I couldn’t wait.


The Real Test:

The instructions are simple:

  • Insert toy before turning on e-stim function, this allows you to achieve best intensity, and make sure to turn off e-stim before removal
  • If you have an electric/metal implant and/or heart problems or arrhythmia consult a doctor first
  • Read the manual before use

Alright. Go time.

  1. Put lube on toy
  2. Place toy in vagina
  3. Turn e-stim on
  4. Question what I got myself into
  5. Turned it up slowly… all the way to 10

Despite being unable to go past 7 while holding it in my hand, I was pretty quickly able to bring the e-stim up to 10 while inside me. The sensation of e-stim is one of the hardest things to describe. E-stim lets you feel your muscles contract, I think my favourite modes were the escalating option, this was a favourite because it allowed you to really feel the e-stim in action.

As for Vibration:

I would give this toy a 6/10 on the vibration scale, it was very similar to the vibration intensity of my Aria Lotus Flutter, yet rumbly as apposed to buzzy. The Electric Eric has 2 vibrating motors, one near the tip and one closer to the middle. When vibration was used as well as e-stim that was my favourite, especially the kegal exercise function.


  • Made from silicone
  • Great introductory estim toy
  • Rechargeable
  • Vibration option (2 vibrating motors)
  • Kegal exerciser
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • 3 hour battery life on high settings (True story)
  • No visible metal pads (they are somehow under the silicone)
  • Waterproof


  • Kegal setting can be hard to find (Press the e-stim button 6 times until light goes green)
  • Vibration is a moderate intensity

This toy charges using a magnetic USB charger. You don’t need anything extra to make the toy work, unlike some e-stim toys you do not need a electrostimulation device or wires. Such an amazing toy for the adventurous toy user.

Does it hurt?

The simple answer is no. It feels different, and you have control over what e-stim setting you like it at. For me, even at the highest setting it was tingly and provided nice feeling muscle contractions.


Kegal Program:


This is my favourite setting, especially when you add in vibration. I actually really loved this function. Not only am I bettering my vaginal health, but it feels amazing.

To get to this function press the e-stim button and go to the 6th option. The light will change to a green colour to tell you it is on. Turn up e-stim to desired setting once in this mode. Either use vibration, or don’t, your choice. To leave this mode press the e-stim button, or press and hold to turn off e-stim all together.


To clean you can use toy cleaner wait 3 minutes and rinse off. This is my preferred method. If you don’t own toy cleaner you can use a hypoallergenic antibacterial soap. Always let air dry.

Purchasing Information:

If you are interested in purchasing the Electric Eric by mystim Wicked Butterfly sells the original here.

For the black edition visit Mystim here.

Adventure on,

Whimsy Fai <3