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Kegel Balls & Pelvic Floor Exercisers

Why do Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Benefits of this are:

  • Tighten Vagina
  • Strengthen orgasm
  • Prevent accidental urination (like peeing when you sneeze, cough, jump on a trampoline)
  • Help hold in farts

You can do exercises with or without Kegal Exercisers. These are the set of muscles that you use to stop peeing midstream.

Benefits of using Kegal Balls:

  • Natural vibration from weighed ball withing the kegel balls from most sets
  • Can cause orgasm for some women
  • Provides more direct proof of pelvic floor strengthening
  • Physical reminder to continue exercising

I personally couldn’t do it without having something in me to help me recognize that I’m actually achieving something. So I bought the LOE Ladies Only Edition Kegel Set.



I’m a huge fan of Kegal sets. And I’m a bigger fan of these two specifically.

LOE Ladies Only Edition: 

This set is made out of body safe non porous silicone. It comes with 4 kegal balls. Two about 1 1/2 inches wide the other two about 3/4 an inch wide. The first set you start with are the larger lighter set. This makes it easier to keep them in.

Geisha Balls: The lightest colour is the lightest weight, the darkest colour is the heaviest

With all kegal sets, you start with the kegal balls with the least weight. As you get stronger (and you will) you move to the heavier balls in the set.

Both these sets have a silicone holder. This allows for easy removal, also can provide a way to do more exercises. One of my favourites is pulling on the string for a couple seconds while holding my kegel muscles.

The Minna kGoal.

It is made out of silicone, have a one year warentee and are rechargable. You place the larger part of the kGoal into the vagina, (the kgoal can deflate and reinflate) and you work your muscles with it. The lighter you squeeze the lighter it vibrates. The stronger you squeeze the stronger it vibrates back. This stimulates the gspot. I consider this a pleasure reward system for kegal exercises.

The Magic Banana – Made by a doctor, and a yoga fanatic.


This is nice for people who plan to do there kegal exercises at home. You squeeze the loops place inside and work your kegal muscles while able to see the loop move as you press. Good for the visual kegal exerciser.


The Electric Eric by Mystim. Good for electric play, and for pelvic floor muscles.

If your having difficulty with pelvic floor exercises, estim is good for “waking up” the pelvic floor. It works pretty well, doesn’t require much thought at first. After using this, when you can control your muscles more, you can go back to a kegal set or other methods, or continue using this. Who knows, Maybe you’ll like estim for more than just pelvic floor strengthening.


Here’s to the future…

Lady uses pelvic floor muscles to hold surf board.