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Ethical (Financial) Domination

”The Ultimate Form of Submission, Findom”

Hello powerful dommes and submissive financial slaves,

I wanted to write a blog on being an ethical domme, and I hope to hear some comments from submissives and dommes. 

What are your views on dominating ethically, and being dominated ethically?

As a domme, I believe it is my responsibility to encourage you to pay your bills. If your not paying your bills, you wont be able to serve me properly. I need you with a house, job, internet and money. If your not taking care of yourself and your essential needs you will soon be unable to serve me, which leaves you worthless to be in a submissive sense. By taking care of your bills you ARE serving me. Especially if you are a long term sub. The only place where I can make this easy is under a TPE agreement, where I can make sure everything is paid and I can control your spending of the money you surrender to me. In my links, I have a link to sex addiction help, and this is how I offer help to whale subs and community subs who are falling into an addictive behaviour that is beyond their control. 

Domme/Dom’s – how do you make sure your submissive is taking care of bills and their health. Making sure they’re keeping clean and fed for their jobs so they continue to serve you financially? I especially want to know how you take care of short term subs, I know this is an area where you hope they are using logic with their community sends and whale sends.

Subs, are you setting limits with your dommes, do you know that you will best serve your domme with a roof over your head, especially if you want to work with them long term? Does being ethically dominated turn you off, and if so, what aspect?