Early Experimenting

This post is about my first experiences with masturbation and toys. I hope that the reader will feel comfort in whatever experiences they have had, and feel assured they are just as normal as everyone else. 

My first experiences with sexual pleasure:

When I first started to masturbate I was a bit older than most of my friends had been. I started with research. I found out about the clit and grabbed a mirror to try and understand my lady bits. After finding out where it was located I started with manual stimulation. My hand was the only source of pleasure. It took me a while to figure out why my right arm is way stronger and has more muscles than my left, it gets much more use.

At some point in my exploration, I started to wonder about internal stimulation. I was determined to remain a virgin until marriage, so boys were way out of the question, and needing to be 18 to enter a sex shop I had no real options. [Let it be known, I did lose my virginity and I am at peace with that and glad I did] I grabbed cylinders, in this case a crayola marker about slightly wider than a standard clitoral bullet. Having some idea that this might not be a smart thing to use internally I put a condom on it. [Despite my pledge to stay a virgin I kept condoms on me incase, I guess I thought one day a guy would woo me into being unable to say no]

I could not wait to get into an adult store.

Through-out the “dark years” where I remained toyless, I learned the value of massage products, shower heads and running water. Thank you internet. These were my first “toys”. My favourite one was a three motor toy that operated with 3 or 4 AA’s. One of the round motors fit perfectly to my body to hit clitorally.

When I turned 18 I would drive past my local adult store. A huge adult “warehouse”. I finally stopped in one day. I remember I bought about $80 worth of products: A jelly dong (Ahhh!), some flavoured lube by ID, and a small bullet that used watch batteries. Despite all the advise from staff to avoid jelly, I still went for it. I think the reality is, some people are going to go for it, despite strong recommendations not to. As a first toy, I understand the purchase of it more than an experienced purchaser. I find after the 2nd or 3rd time buying a toy and hearing recommendations against it, most people will change there choice. I have found that many of these first toys didn’t last long and I found myself naturally guided to try something higher end, even if it meant a higher price.

I believe it must of been the two years of a UTI that persisted and would not leave me alot that really changed things for me. I now refuse to buy products for my kitty thay aren’t going to keep it healthy. I don’t know for certain that it was my use of jelly toys that caused it, but it certainly didn’t prevent it.

I really only trusted one store with everything I needed, one of the staff members, who first ID’d me and told me jelly wasn’t the best option was someone I had trust in. I knew I would hear the truth about any product. It was amazing to be able to talk to someone who talked so freely about toys, as many people tell me I do now, “as if it were toothpaste”.

There is plenty more to my exploration. Little did I know that I would eventually work at that Adult “warehouse” that I first walked into. Since starting working there I have learned way more about toys, and I have explored way beyond this.

Every time I explore myself sexually I need to remain open minded, I can’t focus on the goal of orgasm because then I miss out on the pleasure that comes from each pleasurable action, just because I know myself better now, or have better toys, doesn’t mean I have to miss out on all the pleasures I feel. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you have the perfect fool proof method, you may miss out on new experiences. I will save that for another day.


Try going toyless if you haven’t yet, it is a great way of getting to know yourself.

If you want to go for a rechargable, silicone option, with a warrantee and spend a bit more, get a versatile option  such as the We-Vibe Tango pleasure mates pack.

Use body safe toys: Silicone, Glass, Stainless steel, and Stone

Clean toys properly

Only use toys intended for anal use in the rectum (See: Anal)

if you have any questions, ask an informed employee at the adult shops, or email me, I love to help.

My email is whimsy.fairie@gmail.com

Love Always,

Whimsy Fai <3