Cleaning & Storing your toys

So, this week I learned I am moving at the end of the week. So I decided this blog post would be all about storing and cleaning toys.

To start, the best thing to use to clean your toys is an antibacterial toy cleaner from your toy store. These are specially made to get in the pores of any of your porous toys. They also do not reactivate easily so if you do manage to not rinse it all off you wont have bubbles coming out of the kitty area after it gets wet.

Using Toy Cleaners:

Most toy cleaners can be used by spraying on, leaving for 3 minutes, and rinsing off. Let air dry (as to not leave bacteria or pieces of fuzz or what-have-you on it)

If your toy is a Cyberskin or UR3 toy, the best next action is to place in cornstarch or UR3 powder after to bring back the skin like softness.

Cleaning without toy cleaner:

Use an antibacterial clear soap with:

  • No colour
  • No alcohol
  • No scent

or you know, just buy toy cleaner.

Soap doesnt rinse off as well as toy cleaner and can refoam up.


Store toys out of direct sunlight, and keep them seperated. Do not let a jelly toy touch a jelly toy, or silicone next to silicone. Store lube seperately. Especcially if you have silicone lube.