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Choosing the right Lube

My first question to anyone who comes in looking for lube is generally, is it for conventional sex, or more, and when they look at there boyfriend before responding and shyly saying no, I get to the point, “So no anal?”

All lubes aren’t the same. Different factors effect the type of lube that would be best for you.

Questions I ask:

  • Are you sensitive (to uti’s, yeast infections, allergies)

If yes, choose a hypoallergenic lube, with no PEG, Propylene glycol, glycerin or parabens. The more natural the better.

Examples: Sliquid Organics H20, Intimate organics defence, Blossom Organics.

  • Do you own silicone toys?


If you don’t know, go with a water based and play it safe.

If yes, avoid a silicone based lube. Silicone based lubes break down silicone toys. Stick to water based or silicone safe hybrids.

  • Is staying wet a problem?

If yes, use a silicone based lube, they stay wet and slippery for longer than water based. If you own silicone toys and want a lube that will stay slippery for longer, use a silicone safe hybrid. Example of a silicone safe hybrid: Wet Silk

When in doubt – use water based. There are plenty of water based lubes available for any use, hypoallergenic, anal, flavoured, toy specific. Basically water based won’t harm your toys, is easy to clean off, doesn’t stain, and feels like natural wetness. You do have to add it more often, but hopefully as you get into it, it wont be nessisary.

Choosing an anal lube:

The anus doesn’t produce lubrication of it’s own so using lubricant is super important. When choosing an anal lube I suggest going with a thick, silicone based lube. This allows for your lube to stay slippery, and end up in and on the places you want it to be.

If you are trying to get pregnant:

There are lubes on the market specifically for people who are trying to concieve. Examples: Pre-Seed, and Astroglide TTC

If you want to use a regular lubricant during sex I suggest using a natural, organic, waterbased lube; such as Sliquid Organics Natural or Waterslide. The PH is closer to those in a trying to conceive lubricant.



Pros and Cons of different lube types:

Water based:


  • Washes off body easily
  • More like natural body fluids
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Safe for all toys
  • Available in warming, cooling, tingling, and flavoured.
  • Also available in hypoallergenic, natural and organic.


  • Dries faster than silicone lube
  • Ones with sugar ones can get sticky

Ingredients in some water based and hybrid lubes to avoid:

Polyethylene Glycol:

“pol·y·eth·yl·ene gly·col
noun: polyethylene glycol; noun: PEG; noun: polyethyleneglycol
a synthetic resin made by polymerizing ethylene glycol, in particular any of a series of water-soluble oligomers and polymers used chiefly as solvents or waxes.” Google

Propylene Glycol:

According to the Environmental Working Group, propylene glycol can cause a whole host of problems. It is rated a 3 by them, which is categorized as a “moderate” health issue. It has been shown to be linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive issues, allergies/immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity. It has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration, while the industry review panel recommends cosmetics can contain up to 50% of the substance. It has also been classified as “expected to be toxic or harmful” by Environment Canada.” -



  • Available in organic and natural versions
  • Dries out slower than water-based
  • Many hybrid versions are latex and silicone safe


  • Dries out quicker than purely silicone based lubes
  • Creamy colour




  • Great for anal
  • Do not dry out
  • Most are safe for latex
  • Available in organic and natural versions and hypoallergenic.


  • Can not use on silicone toys
  • Harder to clean off toys
  • Can stain bedding *Fuck silicone is heard to not stain, and Moist Anal claims it doesn’t stain.

Ingredients and what they do:

Cyclotetrasiloxane: Can accumulate in aquatic organisms and act as a hormone disruptor. It also causes interference with hormone function in humans. There is a possibility that it can cause impaired fertility.

Cyclopentasiloxane: Similar to cyclotetrasiloxane, accumulates in aquatic organisms as hormone disruptor, also causing interference with hormone function in humans. Cyclopentasiloxane can cause uterine tumours and harm the reproductive and immune system. Lastly, Cyclopentasilixane may influence neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

Ingredient Information Source: Environment Canada & David Suzuki

Oil based:


  • Great for male masturbation toys
  • Do not dry out
  • Available in special formulas that change texture (ex. Stroke 29)
  • Thick cream like versions available


  • Can stain sheets
  • Can be hard to clean off
  • Not good for women’s bodys

Many adventures,

Whimsy <3