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4 Reasons not to use coconut oil as lube

Reconsidering Coconut oil as lube  

Dear Good Clean Love, Thank you.

Before reading this article I was unsure as to why people shouldn’t use coconut oil for lube. As a concerned consumer who cares  about what goes into and onto my body, at first glance, coconut oil seemed great. Despite the fact that I couldn’t use it with condoms. Reading your first article started the conversation with my customers to find out if coconut oil was working for them.

As read, coconut oil doesn’t just kill bad bacteria, so one of the questions I ask my customers who use coconut oil is: Are you getting infections? If so, it may be because the coconut oil is killing the good bacteria and not leaving them there to fight for your vagina happiness.

The second question is: Are you using condoms? If so, it is recommended that you don’t use coconut oil as lube, as it isn’t condom compatible (this includes polyurethane condoms)

So, Good Clean Love. Thank you for saying what no one else felt bold enough to say. Basically, if it works for you, keep using it, but if you notice you’re having problems related to it concider switching to an organic and natural lube; such as Good Clean Love.